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You need to watch the video again.  The circle pad and buttons are directly across from each other.  Almost exactly as they are on the 3DS.  In fact, the circle and D pad are more cockeyed on the 3DS.  Funny how that's hasn't hindered the system in any way.   Check out this video from Joystiq to see people playing it.  Looks like it's pretty comfortable to me.  The announcer sure is annoying though.
The 2DS offers an extremely affordable avenue into the stellar 3DS and Nintendo DS libraries while also widening it's appeal to young children (under 7) who might have averse effects from the 3D effect.  Remember Nintendo has released alternate versions of many of it's consoles in the past; Game Boy micro, Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo DS Lite, and even the Wii mini.  So the 2DS is not at all a new strategy for the company and probably has very little to do with mobile...
Oh, hell to the no!   The DoJ has got to be kidding with this. We are living in insane times.
I'm not sure why these updates are mentioned on Apple Insider, but I'm real glad to know of the Path update. It's easily my favorite social network. This update is a big improvement for iPad users. My friends will be real happy to include stickers in comments too.
Think of HBO Go as Netflix for HBO content.  With it, you get access to all HBO programming. So if you can watch the first season of Big Love at 2am on a Friday regardless if it's airing on the actual HBO channel or not.
I agree.  Apple has taken away full screen Safari in iOS 7. The functionality is improved but there remains an almost Dock sized portion at the top of the Safari browser.  Hopefully the developers using the beta are giving some feedback to Apple to get that changed before iOS 7 is GM.
Regarding the continuing HBO Go fiasco, there is only one way to get cable companies to do what we want - money.  The loss of it.  There needs to be a mass of people dropping their cable and citing the restrictive policies as a reason for the cancellation.  This is happening but slow enough that no one is really that interested in changing their policies.  In time, this slow dripping away of customers will make them change.  The only thing that will speed up the process...
I haven't used the iOS 7 Photo app, but from looking at it and hearing how it works it does sound like some functionality is lost.  I look through my photos by location, event and faces quite often.   I must say though that I've never understood people keeping hundred and hundreds of pictures going back years and decades on their iPhone. I guess it's just the way I use the device, but it's not near ideal for a large library or for showing photos to others.  Now,...
I'm most likely in the minority, but once YouTube was taken out of iOS, I only watch their videos the the Apple TV app.  It's still ad free.  If the Apple TV app is ever done away with I'll just stop watching things on YouTube all together.  I have zero interest in watching ads.
Select the track (or group of tracks) you want to update.  Right click (or Control click) and select Get Info.  Select the Artwork tab. Either drag or paste artwork then click OK.   Google image search is a great way to find artwork. If I have the CD, I'll scan the booklet if I can't find it online.   Have fun!
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