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QFTAll this freak out about a file stored on our personal devices. Devices which we obviously have security control over. Password locks, backups, encryption, etc.Better not save any data on your computer because someone may get it! OMG!
CD's brickwalled? I'm not even sure what that means, but seeing as CD sales continue to fall and Digital sales continue to rise I don't think we're moving back to vinyl any time soon. It's important to remember that this resurgence is not only limited to basically one genre of music (Rock or Alternative), but it also only accounted for just over 3.5 million unit sales for an entire year accounting for just over 1% of all music sales. 1% of sales for the year. This...
Something tells me that this is only a big deal because it is Apple. Obviously when Sony's database is hacked and tens of thousands of users addresses and other personal information is stolen it's not a big deal. But because Apple saves a file of general location to your computer, they get taken to the DoJ. Something's fishy.
That this data was stored on your computer is not a serious mistake. Not even close. EVERY program that runs on your computer saves data to the computer. What it is, is a minor oversight. An oversight that has harmed no one and is being remedied in the next release of iOS which will no longer save the info on your computer. Big whoop. This oversight would have been fixed even without all the hoopla. Nothing nefarious is going on here. Personal data was saved to your...
QFT. If someone has access to your computer I think you have much bigger things to worry about than someone getting a general idea of where you've gone with your iPhone. Besides, if that's big a deal Apple has announced that the information will cease to be backed up with iOS 5. In a few short months this will be a non-issue (if it isn't already). Much ado about nothing.
I'm not at all happy with the graying of OS X. One of the things that immediately grabbed my attention was the colorful highlighting which made things not only super easy to see but gave the interface a glossy, attractive look. The slow color drain happening to OS X is not at all a good thing in my book. I only hope (against hope and Apple's past practices) that users will be given an option to choose between gray or colorful. I will not be at all happy in a black and...
Excellent feature! Color me VERY impressed with this one. Hopefully it also gives users the ability to limit the album art screen saver to a specific iTunes playlist. This is an addition I've been wanting since the feature was first introduced. Picture it, Christmas time and your Mac screen saver comes on. Not only does it display all your Christmas albums, but you can choose to play any one of them from the interface. Perfect for parties! Bring it Apple!
But that's what I'm getting at. Why save on flash memory to deal with all the issues of streaming all your content? Flash memory allows a user to use any data they want at any time for no additional fee and without the need to remember where they bought the data. It just works. With streaming everything you may be able to save money on a device with less flash memory, but you may have to pay a higher internet fee in addition to knowing which files you bought from Apple...
I agree 100%. Why rely on Wi-Fi access or cell phone data coverage to play back music? What happens when I'm driving and going in and out of coverage areas? What about data caps? I don't see any benefits to streaming my content all the time. What I want from Apple is the ability to re-download any file I bought from them at no additional charge. Music, Movies, and Videos. Just like I can with apps.
So we're no better than the beasts in the wild. Being human only means that we can talk and reason but have no obligation to use that reason to try and rise above or be better than our base instincts, to take the tough road for moral reasons. Why do we even bother to celebrate leaders such as Ghandi, Budda and Jesus? We're just animals after all.
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