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I agree 100%. Why rely on Wi-Fi access or cell phone data coverage to play back music? What happens when I'm driving and going in and out of coverage areas? What about data caps? I don't see any benefits to streaming my content all the time. What I want from Apple is the ability to re-download any file I bought from them at no additional charge. Music, Movies, and Videos. Just like I can with apps.
So we're no better than the beasts in the wild. Being human only means that we can talk and reason but have no obligation to use that reason to try and rise above or be better than our base instincts, to take the tough road for moral reasons. Why do we even bother to celebrate leaders such as Ghandi, Budda and Jesus? We're just animals after all.
It's comments like that scare me.
OK, this is a somewhat a cool idea. Who wouldn't want videos, liner notes, lyrics, making of docs and cool visualizers for their digital albums? It's exactly where the industry needs to move. But limiting this content to just the iPad? Ridiculous! I LOVE my iPad and use it daily. I even enjoy listening to music on it. But I don't want to have to buy an app for each album just to enjoy this content. Especially if that means I can't play the music on any other device....
Um, Apple doesn't sell MobileMe personal info for profit, never has. It's one of the reasons we pay for the service.If it annoys you enough, yes. It's one of the main reasons I don't watch TV anymore. There are many ways to get content these days that doesn't involve watching ads, you just have to pay money to do it. Seems fair to me.
Well you might not have given those companies money but you are giving them access to your personal information and online activity which they sell for profit. Many are comfortable with that set up, but I'm not. If MobileMe goes free what happens to all the sites Apple hosts through iWeb publication? Something tells me it will no longer be a feature of MobileMe and people will have to pay someone else to host their sites. Personally, my online life is very much tied to...
I agree 100%. I'm very comfortable paying a nominal $5 a month to have ad-free email (with aliases), synching, hosting, Web Gallery photo sharing and iDisk storage. Seems exceptionally reasonable to me. Hopefully with a free MobileMe service, none of these features are lost but can we still expect the same level of service (or better) with no accountability on Apple's part? I'm hopeful but nervous. Also Apple has made it known that the @mac.com address will be making way...
Android DOES NOT equal iPhone. Anyone doing so is comparing an operating system to a smart phone which is NOT a valid comparison. Ex: GPS units have a larger market share than BMW. Makes sense? I don't think so.
Well I've been an iPad owner from day one and have never noticed a "significant problem" in it's design or technology. Something tells me it's only a problem for those that want it to be something else. I do photo editing, music creation, Numbers spreadsheets, Pages documents, finance tracking, game playing, video streaming, movie watching, iBook/comic reading, internet browsing, email, calendaring, app shopping, map viewing and more on this iPad with no "significant...
Or the people you spoke to weren't well informed.
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