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Thanks for the update. Since the drop down for overall appearance is still there I agree it sounds as if they just haven't gotten around to adding the 'grayscale' option. Seems like an odd option to have though when the basic look of the OS is basically grayscale to begin with. Maybe grayscale will be default and we'll have to choose 'color.'
To my mind, separating out the components seems less possible than putting the entire suite of services on the Mac App Store. Hopefully we'll know more on Wednesday.
All I ask is for is an option in System Preferences. Even if it's only an option between 'color' and 'gray scale.'
Maybe MobileMe is just moving to a totally digital distribution method. We may see MobileMe appear on the Mac App Store. Non Mac users would have to subscribe through their iOS device or on Apple's website. I mean there was never anything very useful in the MobileMe box anyway.
My biggest (and only, so far) complaint with the new interface changes is the loss of color in the sidebar from apps like Mail and Finder. Seems like in this way, iTunes was indeed a hint of things to come. The gray sidebar in iTunes causes me daily confusion. I really don't look forward to a similar effect with the rest of the OS.
I just don't see a "huge difference in time and efficiency" between clicking an icon in a try or an icon in the Dock. it seems to be more a preference of yours. Good thing Outlook is available for the Mac eh? And why are you bringing up full screen instead of considering the setup I recommended for OS X? Mail, Address Book and iCal can all be open and on the screen at the same time with no overlap so there is no need to Command+Tab, click or anything between them. ...
LOVE the auto correct features for Lion! Address Book actually looks like a book in Lion. Cool! Odd to have the window controls on the left-hand page though. And speaking of window controls, isn't it interesting that they are all horizontal instead of vertical like in the most recent iTunes version? I wonder if this means iTunes will be going back to the horizontal layout or if it will be the only app from Apple with a vertical configuration. I hope Apple makes the...
It seems like you're just real finicky in your preferences. There's not much difference in use between the two set ups. You're either clicking an calendar icon in Outlook or clicking the iCal icon in the doc. Is that really that different? Personally, I like the Mac way because I can bypass switching altogether by having Mail, Address Book and iCal all open and showing on the screen at the same time with no overlap. This way there is pretty much NO switching between...
Interesting. Does this mean the service is going the free route? I'm a bit worried if it does. I don't want a Google set-up where ads are present and my personal information is sold for profit. I'd rather to pay to keep my personal information private. I just re-subscribed in January. Hopefully, Apple stays true to it's past and looks out for those with paid subscriptions. Will be watching these developments closely.
Personally, I love the magic Trackpad and can't see how I would ever use a mouse with my iMac again. But those who don't like or don't have a Magic Trackpad can still do many of the multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse which comes standard with all new iMacs.
New Posts  All Forums: