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It seems like you're just real finicky in your preferences. There's not much difference in use between the two set ups. You're either clicking an calendar icon in Outlook or clicking the iCal icon in the doc. Is that really that different? Personally, I like the Mac way because I can bypass switching altogether by having Mail, Address Book and iCal all open and showing on the screen at the same time with no overlap. This way there is pretty much NO switching between...
Interesting. Does this mean the service is going the free route? I'm a bit worried if it does. I don't want a Google set-up where ads are present and my personal information is sold for profit. I'd rather to pay to keep my personal information private. I just re-subscribed in January. Hopefully, Apple stays true to it's past and looks out for those with paid subscriptions. Will be watching these developments closely.
Personally, I love the magic Trackpad and can't see how I would ever use a mouse with my iMac again. But those who don't like or don't have a Magic Trackpad can still do many of the multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse which comes standard with all new iMacs.
Yes they are. Jailbreakers have forfeited rights to their app store purchases because they have broken the contract. Apple is under NO legal obligation to support jailbroken devices or the legitimately purchased apps on them. End of story.
Fine. Nothing wrong with what you said or what you are doing. Just realize that by jailbreaking you can't complain if Apple changes something in iOS that affects the functionality of your device. Apple is under NO obligation to jailbroken devices. None. That's the trade off for the functionality you desire.
All people with a jailbroken iPhone have decided the benefits of jailbreaking outweigh the benefits of using the iPhone as Apple designed it and have no leg to stand on when complaining that certain features don't work the same or at all. Jailbreaking may be a legal thing to do but Apple is under no obligation to service or make sure those devices work the same as non-jailbroken iPhones. It's very simple.
It's a fine update but not that big a deal. With iPhoto I almost always follow this procedure for emailing pictures. In Mail.app, open the Media browser, search for the picture I wanted to email, select it and send it at my desired resolution setting (Actual Size, Large, Medium or Small). iPhoto is never opened.
First and foremost MobileMe is an ad-free web service that doesn't trade in your personal information. That is reason enough on it's own for me. Google's so-called "free" solution isn't free at all. I'd much rather pay a nominal fee and keep my personal information private. Other advantages of MobileMe: - Ad-free email easily synced between multiple devices - Instant syncing of contacts, calendars, bookmarks via Push service - Web access to email, contacts and...
No, the publishers want more than basic info.Um, yes they do. Did you not read the original post?And BTW, Apple requires the information they do because you are buying something from them. EVERY business you buy merchandise from with a credit card gets your credit card number, name and location. If not, the transaction would not happen. If publishers need my personal information from an iTunes App Store purchase they need to ASK for it because I'm not buying from them.
My thoughts exactly. It's astounding that publishers expect to know everything about all their readers. Make this an opt in thing or else I'm not on board. When I pay for an app on the iTunes App Store it's a transaction with Apple. Apple needs my credit card info not the publisher of the app. They have no right to it. None.
New Posts  All Forums: