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I'm most likely in the minority, but once YouTube was taken out of iOS, I only watch their videos the the Apple TV app.  It's still ad free.  If the Apple TV app is ever done away with I'll just stop watching things on YouTube all together.  I have zero interest in watching ads.
Select the track (or group of tracks) you want to update.  Right click (or Control click) and select Get Info.  Select the Artwork tab. Either drag or paste artwork then click OK.   Google image search is a great way to find artwork. If I have the CD, I'll scan the booklet if I can't find it online.   Have fun!
If Apple's "iRadio" is a free ad supported service I'll be highly disappointed and won't be using it.  There are enough companies out there using us a product rather than treating us as customers.  I've severely cut back on using "free" services and don't want to have any more in my life.  I'd gladly pay a nominal monthly subscription fee for "iRadio" to avoid ads and data mining.  With either ads or data mining, I'm out the door.
I'm not convinced the image shown is anything but an iPad Mini part.  There's no perspective to make one assume it's for a full size iPad.     Regardless, I definitely don't like the idea of slimming the non-touch sides of the iPad.  Yea, I know it works fine on the iPad Mini, it just doesn't work for me from an aesthetics point of view.  I have a 3rd gen iPad and all I really want from an upgrade is a faster processor, slimmer silhouette and a reduction in the weight.
  That is why I have never used one of those "free" email services.  I've always paid for Apple to host my email. Now that iCloud is free I do still use it (no ads, no selling of personal information) but I'm worried that Apple may begin acting like the other "free" services in time.  If that ever happens, I'll switch to a paid service.  My email is not something I want big corporations looking trough to toss adds my way.
I always laugh a bit when people try to make a trend out of two or three points of data.  That said I'm surprised to see the numbers for dedicated device gaming fall so sharply in one quarter.  Wonder what could be the reason for that drop off.  There are certainly plenty of new games out to enjoy on dedicated devices.   Personally, I probably play an equal amount on iOS and dedicated mobile game devices.  That's sure to change in favor of dedicated devices next...
Recently I've been exploring Spotify and I like the ability to listen to a full album/song before purchasing it, but I do want to purchase it.  I can't see myself paying a monthly fee to stream music.  I guess it could happen, but I'd much rather pay once for a song/album and have it "forever."  So coming from my perspective, an ad supported music streaming service from Apple would be great.  I'd stream very infrequently but it will prove very helpful in making...
  iTunes will automatically start playing files that are imported by dragging them to the icon in the Dock.  I think it's always been this way.   If you don't want the files to automatically play, use the  file>Add to Library option and the files will be added but won't instantly play.
  For quite a long time iTunes has allowed users to join tracks.  I've done this a number of times myself.  The caveat being, you can only do it when ripping a songs from a CD.  Also, in iTunes 11, the option is a bit more hidden than in previous versions.  You can follow the instructions at the below link to learn how to do it.   http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/joining-cd-tracks-in-itunes-11/
Well obviously the app shouldn't be spamming everyone in your contact list.  In my post above I suggested an alternate way for them to invite friends to the app. Time will tell if they implement something along those lines in a future update.   Speaking from personal experience, Path didn't spam all my contacts when I signed up 1.5 years ago and none of my 18 friends on Path have complained of a spam issue when they registered.  Likewise, I haven't received a spam message...
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