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Charges were leveled. They could not be proved for lack of evidence and less than reliable witnesses. Acquitted of all charges. That's as proven innocent as the American legal system allows for. End of story.
If you could "like" a song through Ping that is not available on iTunes how would any of your followers be able to listen to it to know if it is something that interests them too? People seem to think that Ping is something it is not intended to be. What Ping is all about is helping you discover new iTunes music based on what your friends and favorite artists are listening to. Since iTunes is the biggest seller of music in the USA and it seems many enjoy using it, there...
Well to be accurate, "Much Too Soon" isn't exclusive to iTunes. It will be on the CD and other digital music stores. What's exclusive is the pre-release stream of the song. Personally, I think Ping is pretty cool and use it regularly. I've found a number of songs and even an album that I normally wouldn't have because of it. Yes, it would help its popularity if Ping were on the internet, but Apple has at least also made it available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch....
That would be why I used the word "want" instead of "need." I certainly didn't need an iPad when it was announced, but man oh man how I wanted one. Now that I've been using it since April, I'm finding how much more I prefer it to my iMac. I'm just seeing what Apple can add to the iPad that would make me want to upgrade. Time will tell, but camera's aren't going to entice me.
That's another good idea. Not sure I'd upgrade based on that alone but combined with a slimmer, lighter iPad with a larger HD - yes.Funny. I'm finding that I'm barely using my iMac at all since getting the iPad. All I use the iMac for these days is ripping an occasional disc and synching my iDevices on a regular basis. If it weren't for the fact you need iTunes to sync/backup everything on your iDevices, I'd have little reason to have an iMac at all.
Wake me up when it happens. That's when I'll care.
I don't know about other current iPad owners, but the addition of a camera or two is not going to entice me to upgrade. I see little to no use for such functionality. I've actually been trying for weeks to think what Apple could add to a new iPad that would make me want to upgrade. About all I can think of are the standard things like slimmer and lighter with more hard drive. The current iPad is darn near perfect in my eyes.
Interesting note: I used Face Time on the Mac for the first time last night. After install, I called a friend with an iPhone 4 and we had a good chat with no hiccups. Before I dialed him though, I accidently hit the name above his (and they also have an iPhone 4) but I quickly stopped the call. Later on, after I had closed Face Time (no longer appearing in my Dock) that misdialed friend called me back from his iPhone and Face Time opened on my Mac with an option to...
Color me un-afraid. A simple fix from Apple of requiring the input of the current password to change it is all that's required. Hardly earth shattering. This is a very simple fix and the kind of thing that crops up in a public Beta. Should Apple have seen this before it went public? Probably. But like others have said, if a nefarious person already has access to your open user account, they most likely have more on their mind that changing your iTunes...
Google aps are NOT free. You pay with your personal information. I'd much rather pay a nominal fee to Apple ($5 a month is hardly unreasonable) to keep my personal information private. Maybe some see that as ridiculous, but I think it's important to have the option for those of us who appreciate it.
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