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That would be why I used the word "want" instead of "need." I certainly didn't need an iPad when it was announced, but man oh man how I wanted one. Now that I've been using it since April, I'm finding how much more I prefer it to my iMac. I'm just seeing what Apple can add to the iPad that would make me want to upgrade. Time will tell, but camera's aren't going to entice me.
That's another good idea. Not sure I'd upgrade based on that alone but combined with a slimmer, lighter iPad with a larger HD - yes.Funny. I'm finding that I'm barely using my iMac at all since getting the iPad. All I use the iMac for these days is ripping an occasional disc and synching my iDevices on a regular basis. If it weren't for the fact you need iTunes to sync/backup everything on your iDevices, I'd have little reason to have an iMac at all.
Wake me up when it happens. That's when I'll care.
I don't know about other current iPad owners, but the addition of a camera or two is not going to entice me to upgrade. I see little to no use for such functionality. I've actually been trying for weeks to think what Apple could add to a new iPad that would make me want to upgrade. About all I can think of are the standard things like slimmer and lighter with more hard drive. The current iPad is darn near perfect in my eyes.
Interesting note: I used Face Time on the Mac for the first time last night. After install, I called a friend with an iPhone 4 and we had a good chat with no hiccups. Before I dialed him though, I accidently hit the name above his (and they also have an iPhone 4) but I quickly stopped the call. Later on, after I had closed Face Time (no longer appearing in my Dock) that misdialed friend called me back from his iPhone and Face Time opened on my Mac with an option to...
Color me un-afraid. A simple fix from Apple of requiring the input of the current password to change it is all that's required. Hardly earth shattering. This is a very simple fix and the kind of thing that crops up in a public Beta. Should Apple have seen this before it went public? Probably. But like others have said, if a nefarious person already has access to your open user account, they most likely have more on their mind that changing your iTunes...
Google aps are NOT free. You pay with your personal information. I'd much rather pay a nominal fee to Apple ($5 a month is hardly unreasonable) to keep my personal information private. Maybe some see that as ridiculous, but I think it's important to have the option for those of us who appreciate it.
I'm not a fan of Facebook so this deal is nothing special to me. I'd rather look in Ping for my friends music updates. If I'm looking in Facebook, I'm sure sampling the track or checking out the artist page won't be as easy as it is in iTunes. But I know that I'm in a minority here. For some reason, the Facebook integration will make a lot of people happy.
These guys have their heads in the sand. Do they really get more than $0.99 for each viewer that watches every show on TV? I seriously doubt that. They will make more money renting shows in the long run. The old model is dying. Dead already in my mind as I don't watch TV at all. All my show watching is done through Netflix streaming, Netfilx DVD rentals and soon to be TV rentals through iTunes. If I can't see a show in one of those ways, then I just don't see it. I...
QFT. AppleInsider is trying to spin this in Apple's favor. 3DS got its release date with this announcement. Beforehand, there was no release date announced. Nintendo is FAR from being in a bad spot. They are market leaders and raking in money hand over fist. People may like the story of Apple and Nintendo as rivals in handheld gaming, but in reality they are very different and will get only more so with the 3DS. What handheld Apple product offers 3D games with analog...
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