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So I should get the AppleTV so I can wait for a movie to fully download, then sync my iTunes and AppleTV before I can watch it? A process that will take 20 minutes or more. How is that a benefit when with the original AppleTV I can hit 'buy' and start watching the movie in under one minute? What about the times I want to buy a movie when someone else in the family has taken the laptop? I'm SOL with the new AppleTV. The original AppleTV was no perfect device but by...
I'll stick with my original AppleTV so I'm not required to stream everything. I also like buying movies occasionally which you can't do on the new device. Netflix streaming is pervasive and I've got it on three other devices. Certainly for current AppleTV owners, there is little to no reason to buy the new one.
To Prevent Piracy.
QFT. I couldn't agree more. Off to leave feedback with Apple on this boneheaded decision.
How can the field be cluttered when you state the other tablets are rumored? If they're not available, the market can hardly be considered cluttered. Also just because there may be a lot of tablets on the market does not mean that they are all viable competitors. Sales and market penetration would have to be taken into consideration. In short, stating the tablet market is cluttered is a very premature statement.
I honestly don't think a camera on the iPad is that big a deal. I feel no need for it. From my pretending with my 32GB Wi-Fi iPad, taking pictures would be a bit unwieldy. Having a video conference would only be comfortable if you had a stand. Frankly, video conferencing holds no sway over me. If I want it, it's right there on my iMac. I don't need to video chat with someone on the go. The size of the iPad is great for many uses, but I'm left completely...
I'll admit right off that I haven't read more than the headline of this post, but come on - Apple has three products a year that use iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) with the focus on mainly the iPhone. One product. Google and Nokia ship their OS on many, many more devices than that. If they're being at all competitive I'd hope they'd sell more devices running their OS. It's unfair to compare iPhone to Android. That's comparing a phone to an OS. To be fair and...
I just find it incredible that people watch as much TV as they do. I cancelled my cable TV three years ago because I wasn't watching it. I get TV signals over the air with an antenna, but I think the last time I watched something over the air was about a year ago. TV is dead to me. Shows that I love on DVD killed it. Videogames killed it. The internet killed it. Netflix renting and streaming killed it. There are so many options available that I find it incredible...
Hilarious! Google has done a great job at creating hype around a product with very sketchy details. Time will tell wether it's deserved.
QFT. I'd much rather pay in dollars for content than trade in my personal information and habits. Google = evil
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