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Hilarious! Google has done a great job at creating hype around a product with very sketchy details. Time will tell wether it's deserved.
QFT. I'd much rather pay in dollars for content than trade in my personal information and habits. Google = evil
I'm sure that solution would work fine. It does today with the Apple TV but the trouble is as successful as these devices not everyone who would buy an iTV would have an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. If Apple is going this route they definitely needs to create a remote that ships with the iTV so that everyone has the same access and interface.
The iTV name change seems possible but it would cause confusion in the UK since they have an iTV channel. Maybe it would stay Apple TV in the UK? That doesn't seem likely. Dropping 1080p doesn't seem like big a deal since the iTunes Store doesn't sell 1080p video. I've had an Apple TV from day one and didn't even know the format was supported.This makes no sense to me. None. Why would I want iOS apps on my television? Photo editing, RSS readers, fart games, social...
OFT. This is what the investigation is about. Apple blocking any apps not developed with their tools. That does hinder competition - competition in ways to develop apps. has Apple overstepped their bounds? I'm not sure, but that's why there is an investigation going on.
This is the best analogy I've seen in quite a while between Macs and Window's machines. Way to go!
If you thought iSight was overpriced back then, you'd better not look at what it goes for on eBay now. Funny how Apple's "failed" products wind up fetching more on the secondary market than many new similar products.
QFT This reviewer needs to get a grip. Next we'll be complaining that our keyboards don't make waffles. It's a trackpad! Review it as such. Nothing more, nothing less.
I have not used Office on any of my Macs in over five years. iWork has been all I need. Maybe I'm a unique case, but I'm glad to keep the bloated and ugly MS Office off my Mac. I don't see a single feature in this new release that gets me interested in switching to it. P.S. I've never understood the fascination with auto save. I hate the feature. Many times I don't want my changes saved right away because I'm planning on doing a Save As. Whenever I work on a large...
This is something I hadn't thought of and you're right. One reason for Apple not approving subscriptions (if that's true) could be working out the right model that works for them, the publisher and the readers. I like your idea about letting the publisher continue to manage subscriptions. Not sure if Apple would like that though.
New Posts  All Forums: