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Finally there is parity of input across the Mac line of computers! I've been waiting for trackpad access on the iMac for years now. I thought the Magic Mouse would be that solution, but that hasn't panned out. Now I'll have a trackpad for my iMac with all the same functionality as a Mac Notebook. Getting this on my lunch break today.
But Google doesn't give it away for free. They put targeted ads in your email and sell your habits/information for profit. Do we need another company to do the same thing? Isn't it good that we have an option to pay for these services from another company and therefore not have to deal with ads and the sale of our personal information?
I don't want to de-rail this thread, but I just had to respond to oneaburns.To be fair, you're complaining about something that iPhoto was expressly designed NOT to do. iPhoto is a database for your photos. You organize and edit them from within the database, not outside of it. If you want folder management with your photos, you shouldn't be using iPhoto. A combination of the Pictures folder in the Finder and the Cover Flow view will give you the functionality you are...
iBooks - I like this idea. It's not content creation (or is it?), but it does give more people access to the iBookstore. The nail in it's coffin is that the app would be Mac specific. If iBook are coming to computer screens, then it will be a cross platform app. Maybe the "Mystery App" is somehow tied to the North Carolina data farm Apple is making. iPaint - I think it would have very limited appeal and not create much buzz. iApp - The idea has merit, but wouldn't it...
Waiting six+ months to save $30 on a $1,000+ computer seems a bit silly to me. Would $30 really make that big a difference in the bank account? But to each their own. Like you said, you're in no rush to buy a new Mac.
This here is what I really think this is really about. People have decided that Apple has had enough success and it's time to remind them that they're just a technology company made up up of fallible humans. Yes, a mistake was made (Apple has made them before), but for 90% of iPhone owners this is a non-issue. I knew Apple was eventually going to be pushed off it's pedestal. Looks like this is that time. Apple is no better or worse a company than they were before the...
The essentials of this patent are already available in an app I've been using for months called pic2shop. With it you can scan the barcode on most any product to find what price other stores are selling the item for. It even scans eBay for you. Pretty handy. Interesting that Apple wants to integrate this type of tech directly into the iPhone. Getting even more info would definitely be helpful at times.
I'll never understand the complaints about Mobile Me that say it needs to be free because it's too expensive. IF you pay full retail price it works out to just over $8 a month. Is that really an outrageous amount to ask for the service? If so, as others have stated, there are plenty of online avenues to get a much cheaper Mobile Me subscription. I appreciate that some prefer the "free" Google apps instead of Mobile Me, but there is a cost associated with them. Google...
Now I'm even more glad that I got the Wi-Fi only iPad. :-)
That to me speaks directly to consumer privacy. I definitely want to be notified when my location and other data are being transmitted to an outside entity. That kind of transfer should never happen without the consumers direct permission. Thanks Apple.
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