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Now I'm even more glad that I got the Wi-Fi only iPad. :-)
That to me speaks directly to consumer privacy. I definitely want to be notified when my location and other data are being transmitted to an outside entity. That kind of transfer should never happen without the consumers direct permission. Thanks Apple.
No. After the person shouted out "Verizon," Steve Jobs said they're using wi-fi so that doesn't make a difference. When you think about it why would Steve Jobs use 3G (an inherently much slower connection than Wi-Fi) to show off the speed of the iPhone 4? Like all previous iPhone demos this one was done over WI-Fi. Obviously for future shows, a better Wi-Fi solution is going to have to found either by Apple or the hosting convention center.
FaceTime only works over Wi-Fi from one iPhone 4 to another.
There's no part that made AT&T look bad. They weren't using 3G. They were on Wi-Fi. The trouble was there was 570 Wi-Fi networks in the room and it was causing slowdown.
Apple has a Keynote Podcast and a web based video player is not compatible with Podcasts. You need to be able to download it.
There are many reasons to be excited about iPhone 4 but FaceTime is NOT one of them. I doubt I'll ever use it. Besides we have had access to video chat at home for a decade and it still hasn't taken off. Why will iPhone 4 make a difference? I think it's a fine feature to create buzz but it's not something people seem to really want - just to brag that it can do.
I welcome the tiered data plans with grateful open arms. I've been wanting this for a long time. I'm almost always on a wi-fi network so my 3G data usage is shockingly low. It irked me to no end that I was required to pay so much for a service that I didn't even use. Now at least the fees are more manageable. $15 a month for 200MB is more than sufficient for my uses and I doubt I'll ever come close to reaching the limit. I also think these new plans will curtail...
Well it's Wednesday and no MacBook Air announcement happened yesterday. Anyone surprised? I hate rumors.
Yes, not everyone uses computers the same way and need the same functionality. I would argue the vast majority of people will get by just fine with iPad and rarely ever run into something they can't do. This will be especially true once the product matures a bit. But still even today, I'm using my iPad almost exclusively. My iMac sits barely ever turned on for a month. That seems like a replacement to me.
New Posts  All Forums: