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Since buying my iPad, use of my iPhone and iMac has dropped off dramatically and I now use iPad 90% of the time. The iPhone is just a phone to me now and I haven't used an app or the data network since getting the iPad. My iMac gets turned on to sync my iDevices and occasionally surf the web but that's it. If it was possible to use iPad as my main/only computer, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
You need to stop watching cable and especially network news and begin to watch more news programs on PBS.
No search? How long has it been since you've used iTunes? I use search practically every day.
Wow! Someone hit a nerve. Do you work in TV or something? Truth is that although there is a substantial amount of educational and beneficial programming available it's not what most people watch. Ever check the Neilson top rated shows? In overwhelming numbers people choose the dumb stuff. When was the last time Washington Week in Review was the top rated news program? Oh yea, never. The OPs opinion is completely justified. I actually find it comical you find it...
I'm not sure we can glean much from this very limited sample, but it is interesting to hear what kind of iPad people in this area were planning on getting. Personally, I got the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad and it's most definitely replaced my MacBook Air. I have an iMac as my main computer and even that I'm using a lot less now that I have iPad. If I want to go on the internet, I use iPad. If I want to read/compose email, 90% of the time I use iPad. View pictures? iPad. ...
OK, ABC offers the 5-6 most recent episodes for free streaming on any computer as well as the iPad app. Hulu's plans are to continue offering the 5 most recent shows for free streaming on any computer and iPad. I don't see the conflict. ABC isn't offering anything Hulu isn't. Unless Hulu is planning on charing iPad users for all shows and not just shows older than the 5th or 6th. Can you imagine if Hulu's plan was to do just that though? Why only charge iPad users? ...
I create all my ringtones in GarageBand. Create a new project. Select Ringtone. Import song from iTunes and select the section you want to be the ringtone. Export to iTunes.
iTunes and the iTunes Store are two completely different things. The update is for iTunes.You'll see the new 'Books' category in the source list (the left-hand column where your playlists are listed). If you don't see the 'Books' category you have it turned off. Turn it on by going to Preferences and clicking the box next to 'Books.'The iTunes Store will not show an iBooks category because iBooks can only be read on an iPad. iBooks are only available through the...
I must be a lucky one, because iTunes rarely ever beachballs for me and I can't remember the last time it crashed. That's with an entire library over 200GB. Sure there are refinements I'd love to see (Get music video's out of my music library!!!) but iTunes is far from a problem piece of software on my iMac.
Funny. I've experienced all these issues too. I'm not prepared to ditch Snow Leopard because of them though. I think that's mainly because they can easily remedied (eg; removing iCal from the Dock then replacing it makes it display the correct date). The annoying thing is they'll creep back again and again. Very annoying. Hope it's fixed with this update.
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