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Take a close look at the table. Doesn't that black slab look suspiciously like an iPad?
QFT When Apple is supposedly putting pressure on Nintendo in the portable gaming category, Nitnendo sold the most DS units in a quarter ever. At this point Nitnedo has noting at all to fear from Apple. The 3DS announcement is not business as usual for Nintendo but the timing is right for a DS successor. Plus there have been rumors and buzzing about a new DS for months now. Though I'm extremely excited to see what Nitnendo will come up with in the 3DS, I'm stymied by...
All the people in this thread complaining about AT&T's network and saying it's worthless seem to be unaware or to have forgotten the independent study that showed AT&T's network has improved dramatically and is actually now, the fastest and most reliable in the USA. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...ance_test.html
You're right AppleTV is not a complete media center. It never was meant to be. It was meant to be an iPod for your TV. Complaining about this isn't really fair. It's like complaining that your refrigerator doesn't also toast bread. I agree that the ability to rip easily DVDs into iTunes like you can with CDs would have been a huge boom for AppleTV, but the studios would never allow such a thing. Still, there are free third party solutions that I use to do this. So is...
I'm curious how you see it as crippled. I've been using it from day one with much enjoyment. There are a few restraints, but I haven't felt it was a crippled experience.Maybe, but it sure is taking AppleTV a long time to disappear. It's been on the market for 3 years now. We also have recent remarks from Apple saying they are still interested in working on the device and staying the market.
Well, you're absolutely wrong on one point. From day one Apple TV has shipped with an HDMI connector. Still does. How is the AppleTV supposed to replace a cable box when those things are usually tied to a provider and not interchangeable? Asking for this seems like a fantasy world request. I'll agree that an optical drive DVD or BD would certainly add functionality and usefulness but how does not having one hurt the device? It's not like you have to choose between...
I guess it's within their rights to not sell individual tracks, but I think it's pretty boneheaded. Just because it's generally agreed that DSotM is a unified piece and should be listened to in its entirety doesn't mean we shouldn't have the right to buy a single track if we want. Again their choice, but I think they're only hurting themselves. Especially if they pull their albums from iTunes altogether. I just hope it's not a signal of things to come from other...
PLEASE read the above before posting more on this idiotic topic. This is supposed to be about the article at hand - adding multitasking to the iPhone OS. Can we get back on topic? Use restraint and don't reply to obvious trolls and baits to derail threads. You know who i'm talking about.
OK, you made your point (again). We all get it, you don't like the iPad. Now would you mind moving on? Enough already.
I agree. And if consumers don't like Apple's policy they can vote with their wallets and buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Thing is, that very few if any people are doing that. Apple is selling these devices (minus the iPad since it's not out yet) like hot cakes. General consumers don't seem to care that the 'beloved' Flash isn't supported. Apple has given the public a choice and they are choosing to forego Flash.
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