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Remember the uproar about Cut and Paste not being on the iPhone? So many people claimed the device was sub-par without it, practically unusable. Now that Apple has updated the OS to include Copy and Paste, no one seems to care that it's there or even to be using it much. In fact, I now routinely hear complaints from users that the pop up is annoying and gets in their way. I highly suspect the negativity about Flash and Multi-tasking will prove to be every bit as...
OK, this is a small thing but it's annoying me. Apple's suite of office apps is called iWork singular - not plural as I've seen in all through out this thread. OK? And to those saying iWork is not a replacement for Office, I completely disagree. I've been using iWork exclusively since it was offered and I don't find I miss much of anything from Office. I haven't had Office on a Mac for three years or so. There is a very compelling argument for home users to...
If AT&T's troubles were as drastic as they are represented online then we wouldn't be seeing the exceptional sales of the iPhone. Unless of course we are a nation of masochists. I'm not saying AT&T has is trouble free but I have a very tough time believing their troubles are as frequent as some people claim. Would Americans really continue to buy a $200 product that was unusable? Personally, I started out with AT&T with the original iPhone and had a few dropped calls...
Have you not noticed that the iTunes Store has had weekly new free content for years now? Free music. Free albums. Free TV shows. Free Movies. Every week. Apple even offers free apps (their own) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I'm not mentioning podcasts since Apple themselves don't offer much in that arena, but there are hundreds of free shows (audio and video) to check out. To claim that Apple doesn't offer free content on iTunes, you're either not using iTunes at...
Why should anyone pay more for heavy use? It doesn't cost AT&T any more money to service someone who downloads 20GB of data in a month than someone who only downloads 1GB. The highway still has to be there no matter the amount of usage by a few people. Charging more for usage is just gouging and make the majority fear using their device.
So long Psystar and good riddance.
AT&T has slightly more coverage (3G and EDGE) than Verizon does. AT&T has been and continues to invest millions in expanding their 3G coverage. Verizon rejected the iPhone when Apple first came calling. The maps in the ads only show 3G coverage. AT&T coverage today is leagues better than when the iphone 3G first came out. Why doesn't Verizon invest in updading it's network to a worldwide standard instead of a finicky proprietary one?
Of course you could just sort by album before this fix. But good to see you don't need to anymore.
Come on. The press event is just hours away. Do we really need this update. Is it really so long to wait to hear it from the horse's mouth? The scoop whatever it is, will be known to everybody later this morning (if it's true that is) And no, I didn't read this post. I can wait the hour or two to hear for real. I'm just commenting that a "sources say" post at this point just seems ridiculous.
I still don't understand why MMS on the iPhone is more taxing on the network than every other cell phone. Are they just expecting an avalanche of unheard of proportions for iPhone MMS? Oh, and what about dropped calls?
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