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From what I can tell iTunes 11 does this when the Album Artist differs from the Artist.  Even if only one track on the album has a different Artist name, the Artist will be displayed for each track.   Makes sense really.  Why list The Beach Boys under each track on Pet Sounds?  Listing the artist is very helpful though with a compilation album such as a movie soundtrack.
I've read all posts in this thread and so far haven't seen anyone mention the new Gallery (accessed from the Artist view) in iTunes 11.  True, not every artist has one, but acts like The Beatles, Goldrapp, David Bowie and Sinead O'Connor have a selection of photos that you can browse while you listen to music.  Sure, it's not revolutionary, but it's pretty cool.  Who knows how this could be utilized in the future.   Overall, to me iTunes 11 is a great release.  There...
Seems pretty cool, but I doubt readers will get the same guided reading experience like they do on the official DC app.  After reading comics in the digital "guided" view, I don't think I could ever again deal with zooming around the page myself.   Has anyone bought a DC comic from the iBookstore yet?  I'd be real interested to know if the guided view was part of the experience.
DO NOT CHANGE: - Notes - Game Center - Passbook - Reminders - Compass - Voice Memos - iBooks   All these work fantastically by giving the app a distinct look and providing great visual feedback by replicating/mimicking real world items.   PLEASE CHANGE: - Calendar - Contacts - Find My Friends - Podcasts   These apps suffer from too much design that detracts from the user experience.  Contacts as a book is much more difficult to navigate....
What a bummer!  I found quite a bit of new music through Ping.  It was also an easy place to keep up to date with my friends Playlists.   So it has a low user base, all that means is that Apple needed to improve it.  Open it up to everything in the iTunes Store, link it to iCloud and display users latest played songs, offer stats that you could post and share, etc.  There was a lot of potential.  Bummer that it was never fully taken advantage of.  
Regardless of FaceTime, these new plans are a total joke and do nothing but needlessly charge single users more.   My current AT&T plan: $40 (450 minutes + rollover) + $25 (2GB data) = $65 + taxes and such   With the New AT&T Share Plan: $40 (unlimited minutes and text) + $45 (unlimited data) = $85 + taxes and such   So with the new Share Plan single users gain unlimited talk, text and data, but at a very high rate.  In a typical month I use about 150 phone...
Funny how this same logic isn't applied when calculating the highest grossing movies of all time.  If it were, then Gone With The Wind would still be the highest grossing film of all time.   In the end it's all subjective and can be spun in any number of ways depending on who's doing the reporting.  Still, it's a phenomenal achievement by Apple.
I'm not sure how much more Twitter can be integrated to iTunes.  You can already link the two so purchases you make, reviews you write, things you "like" and ratings you give show up on Twitter.   If the rumors are true, I'll be bummed to see Ping discontinued as it never reached its potential.  If Apple opened up Ping to include all the things sold on the iTunes Store that would be a big help.  Because of Ping I've discovered some great things that I never would...
I'm running Mountain Lion on my 2007 iMac.  It's connected to the internet wirelessly and I haven't had any issues with the connection since the update.   So far, I'm really liking Mountain Lion.  Speedy Safari, dictation works very good, fun new screensaver options, the return of 'Save As', Messages, Notification Center and iWork documents synced with iCloud. Very satisfied. Plus it only cost $20!
Whatever.  Makes no difference to me if Apple invests in Twitter.  Why should I care?   However, as soon as twitter goes public I'll stop using it just as I did with FaceBook.  There are limits to my willingness to be a companies product instead of a customer.
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