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Whatever.  Makes no difference to me if Apple invests in Twitter.  Why should I care?   However, as soon as twitter goes public I'll stop using it just as I did with FaceBook.  There are limits to my willingness to be a companies product instead of a customer.
Three cheers for Game Center on the Mac!   I don't even buy games that aren't Game Center enabled.  I like being able to see how I'm doing against friends and I've also found the app is a fantastic way to find new games.  When I see a friend has gotten a new game I usually check it out and more often than not, I wind up purchasing it.   Being able to have Game Center on the Mac and play cross platform is really going to be fantastic.  It will probably make me...
As long as this "feature" doesn't come to OS X I'm cool.  I really don't listen to podcasts on my iOS devices anyway (I use an iPod Classic for most all my portable music listening).   iTunes being the one source for everything is one of the main reasons I love it.  Please Apple, DO NOT break up iTunes into a five or six apps on the Mac.  What a nightmare that would be.
I actually check Ping every day.  Rate songs, make playlists, see what friends have bought (or liked) and follow bands.  Sure it's very basic, but I've definitely discovered some new music from Ping and have generally enjoyed the experience.  I'll be bummed to see it go as there is nothing out there to replace it for sharing and discovering new music.   I was always hoping it would expand to incorporate all the other media in the the iTunes Store.
Well I have 7 active friends (real live people that I converse with regularly) on Ping.   Please, iTunes is lean compared to many other apps.  It's got a small footprint and doesn't hog resources.  I think when most people bring this up they mean they want different apps for music, movies, books, PDF's music videos, TV Shows and apps.  That just seems counter intuitive to me.  I'd much prefer one app to rule them all.
They are?  I don't want to get too political but I think it's far from obvious that we're better off now than in say the 1950's.  We might make more on average but that's just inflation.  The percentage of our earning we spend on life essentials (gas, home, college, etc) has risen dramatically.
I agree.  The jobs aren't coming back any time soon.  There is no infrastructure to build a base and support it in the long term.   Labor costs are high, but I don't see that as a bad thing.  We want skilled workers who are treated well.  The standards in China aren't near the standards of comfort, safety and fairness expected from an American worker force.  And we shouldn't have to expect less just for the luxury of having a job.
No need to kill off Ping.  The idea is sound.  It's Apple's execution that's the problem.  I use Ping daily and have discovered quite a bit of new music through it from following friends and their purchases/likes.  Obviously I'm in the minority with that but getting Facebook (ugh, I hate them so) integration with Ping would help tremendously in bringing in new users.  Apple should also open it up from only music purchased through the iTunes Store.  Let people post about...
From Reuters: Don't Ignore Tim Cook's Sexuality
I still don't get why someone would want to create a second Apple ID anyway.  I've run into zero issues having the same Apple ID since the iTunes Store opened in 2003.
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