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So true.  I don't really mind HP copying Apple's MBA.  What really bugs me is that they try to make it like their design ideas aren't influenced at all by Apple when it's So obvious that they are.  Just stop lying to us HP.
Sorry, but I don't want my only option to be a 4G/Wi-Fi iPad.  I'd never pay AT&T their high fee just to check an email, post a pic or play a game.  I'd much rather wait until I can do it over my already expensive Wi-Fi network at home or some other place where I don't pay.  Besides, that black rubber bar on the 4G iPad is not attractive.
"It is not because those guys (Apple) did it first. It's just that's where the form factor is leading it."   Has anyone else ever heard of a form factor leading an industry over a company?  Doesn't a company need to design the form factor?  He talks as if form factors are entities unto themselves.  What fantasy world does he live in?  Still, in spite of them copying the MBA as closely as possible to hopefully get people confused, it still won't run OSX, but a MBA...
It seems like a once a year merging should be allowed sort of like they offer for unauthorizing all computers associated with your account.  the only reason I can think for a hold up in offering such a feature would be difficulty negotiating with the music, book, movie and TV show license holders.   In the mean time, I'd suggest focusing your use on the Apple ID with the most purchase history and manually entering the contact and other info you're missing.  Not elegant by...
I don't quite get it either.  Maybe it's there for users who access their iCloud info from a computer that's not theirs?  Who knows what the notifications on iCloud will be though.  I'm hoping it makes more sense to me when Apple officially unvails it.
I've used, iTools, Dot Mac, MobileMe and iCloud and my Apple ID has never changed.  It can get confusing for some because although an Apple ID is usually an email address, it doesn't have to be a primary address or even active. It's just a sign in name.  You can attach any email you like to your Apple ID for receiving messages from Apple and such.   Accessing your email through the MobileMe website should still work through June 30, though you will see a notice from Apple...
No.   Currently you can access your Photo Stream on any iOS device, iPhoto on your Mac, Apple TV and iOS iPhoto.
I use my iDisk a few times a week for sharing files between my work and home computers.  Now I'll have to rely on a flash drive.  What a step backwards.   Photo Gallery is elegant and un-matched in it's ability to share pictures.  I've used it numerous times as a group repository for photos.  I'd start a gallery then share the link so others at the event could upload their pics and we all could choose from the entire groups photos all in one place.  Excellent!  But...
Not too fair of Greenpeace to complain about a facility that isn't even up and running yet. They're guessing and pointing the finger based on their guesses. How is anyone supposed to take them seriously?
QFT And the thread ends with this AWESOME post!!
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