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No.   Currently you can access your Photo Stream on any iOS device, iPhoto on your Mac, Apple TV and iOS iPhoto.
I use my iDisk a few times a week for sharing files between my work and home computers.  Now I'll have to rely on a flash drive.  What a step backwards.   Photo Gallery is elegant and un-matched in it's ability to share pictures.  I've used it numerous times as a group repository for photos.  I'd start a gallery then share the link so others at the event could upload their pics and we all could choose from the entire groups photos all in one place.  Excellent!  But...
Not too fair of Greenpeace to complain about a facility that isn't even up and running yet. They're guessing and pointing the finger based on their guesses. How is anyone supposed to take them seriously?
QFT And the thread ends with this AWESOME post!!
Wow, a balanced, even-handed, non-sensational report. I wonder how quickly it will be ignored by the majority of the press?
Well there's not much alternative besides not upgrading - ever, or switching providers when you do upgrade and paying them an activation fee that most likely is just about the same price as the upgrade fee. Consumers are screwed every which way with the tele-cos.
Why isn't the DOJ investigating this insane business practice? Charing users a start up fee is bad enough (I still don't understand why a provider needs money to start my service) but charging users a fee when they stay with their carrier and upgrade is outrageous.
It seems you really don't understand the Agency pricing model. Dropped.
So you're saying Apple's contract stipulated that whatever price they sold the book at had to be the same for every seller? I haven't seen that supported by any contractual language that has been published. Can you link to a source that has such language? Everything I've seen has pointed out that Apple wanted to match pricing not dictate pricing for other sellers. Again, the quote from Steve Jobs, "... we also asked for a guarantee that if anybody else is selling the...
The Agency model doesn't fix prices. It's a perfectly legal and accepted way of determining a price. The question is the qualifier "... we also asked for a guarantee that if anybody else is selling the books cheaper than we are, then we can sell them at the lower price too."Apple isn't setting a base price. They are asking for ability to match the pricing of other sellers.
New Posts  All Forums: