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Hi all, I have nearly 100 of my old Apple shirts on eBay for sale for really really cheap and I'm looking to get rid of them. They are all in good condition and I just want to get them off my hands. I've worked for Apple since 2007 and have shirts dating from then! Here's a link! http://www.ebay.com/sch/jinjo236/m.h...1&_ipg=&_from=
Same here. I get the most crashes and restarts when I go to multi-task on the 5S. It happens once or twice a day. Not too big of a deal but a little annoying.
I can see this being built into the back house of an iPhone instad of how many phones have it now. That way, you can just hold the phone as normal and when the fingerprint API is requested, you're fingers will already be there.
I've received the below pop up when plugging it into a computer I hadn't plugged it into yet. Thought it was interesting...
CORRECTION: the iPhone 5 currently comes in FOUR models, not three. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3939?viewlocale=de_at&locale=de_at iPhone 5 GSM for US, Canada and Puerto Rico iPhone 5 CDMA for Verizon and Spint iPhone 5 GSM for Asia and other international use iPhone 5 CDMA for China
Two things: - I think this will be popular with families during travel and while at home that have an iOS device for each person I'll bet if they put a SSD in this, the power consumption and stream times would improve amazingly...of coarse driving up the price though!
An Apple store employee told me they had to wait until mid-March to order theirs with discount...that SUCKS!
Is the new iOS 6 feature "Do Not Disturb" mode in Mountain Lion? I think this would be a great addition!
Notes syncing has been available for a long time...you just have to get an @me.com email address to do it. This is only going to allow you to sync Notes and Reminders without the use of an @me.com email, which is super cool! And yay for dedicated Notes and Reminders Mountain Lion apps!
Do those sales figures Apple releases include pre-sales, third-party retailer and online purchases or just Apple retail store purchases?
New Posts  All Forums: