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[quote]Originally posted by The Toolboi: it advertises to people that the Mac can rise to the demands of serious gamers if the need arises. Not to sound like a PC biggot or anything (Oh I miss the macOS) but even with a GF3 a serious gamer isnt going to consider a mac. To tell you the truth I think that the GF3 is kind of a waste on the mac.
I question wether Apple is really interested in going after the hardcore gamer. Jobs is...
All things good and pure flow from greater bandwidth...revised MB, DDR Ram, faster HDs. If I understand correctly, none are really of value until the processor is fast enough to feed them, no? Caler
Digital cameras are pretty ubiquitous out in the wider world, can Apple make money marketing a digi cam just to their installed base? I'd say it would have to be priced competitively to succeed, but... <looks at iPod sales, shrugs> Caler
[quote]Originally posted by G-News: Forbes has been saying a lot in the past. A lot of BS too. I personally think our arguments are as least as well founded as theirs. Only thing they have we don't is publicity. G-News
Agreed. In the age of the internet, even mainstream pubs have a hard time resisting poaching speculation from less savory (i.e. us) sources. Say something often enough and people take notice... Caler
Geez...News today said Henrico County kids (many) were caught using their laptops to download porn. :eek: Watch how this mud sticks to Apple...
Got it...corrupt internet prefs file...looking back, I think it happened during the 'register online' option of the install. [Hmmm] Thanks guys.
[quote]Originally posted by vinney57: Actually its not so crazy; the console makers don't make any money on the consoles (rumour is that sony are actually selling at a loss in the US), they make on licensing the games and this would increase the sales of games.
Right, but selling hardware consoles guarantees some brand loyalty. If you can run any console/emulator off your mac, you can switch between brands - (like on the PC, hardware...
I'm of the school of thought that Altivec code is not widely enough implimented in current apps (could be wrong here) to make it a major purchase variable...unless you consider that OS X itself has a fair amount of Altivec optimization. Anyone care to confirm?
Geez, I'm getting a little tired of people telling me that my mac is more than adequate for my needs. Let me be the judge of that, please. I toss around fairly large graphics files for a living... I think I can figure out how to use the rumored speed increases to come with the G5 just fine, thanks. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't give a crap about chip speed vs. Intel, but for godsake, it's not wrong to expect some fricken' progress from model release...
[quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robot: NO NO NO A FAST toaster will burn the bread! toaster ovens are the greatest invovations in the bread and personal pizza preparing business since toast
Ah, so you don't want the G5, you want an iMac...
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