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I have an app on my iPhone called "Chrontacts" that allows me to see all the recent contacts I've added in a chronological order. This is very useful for socially active people keeping track of new contacts. I'm trying to create the same functionality with Lion Address Book Smart Groups, but have been having trouble. I chose the fields in this order: "Date" > "Is Within" > "30" > "days" In my mind this translates to: "All contacts with date added within the past...
Is there a Safari Extension available similar to Firefox' NewTabURL?: NewTabURL The specific functionality I'm looking for is when opening a new tab if there's a URL on the clipboard, then the new tab will automatically direct towards that URL. A huge time saver! Thanks! HL
But I believe for a thief it's not possible to access the contents without using included restore disc to change password, which would require a restart. Or someone pulling the hard drive out to physically restore from the drive, which would require shutting down also. So I guess unless I forget to password lock my Mac, then it would be safe
I use System Preference "Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins", and I have a hot corner for screensaver activation which I use whenever I leave my desk. Not exactly logging out right, so am I safe???
I'm doing a clean install of Lion onto my iMac and I would like to have full disk encryption. I'm booting to a Lion DVD and have just zero wiped my hard drive as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". I see an option for format as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" and was wondering if there are any differences or advantages/disadvantages to encrypt the boot disk in Disk Utility rather than FileVault 2. During research of FileVault 2 I discovered a drawback; one must shut...
Today installed Parallels v7.0.1 and WinXP Pro SP3 onto Mac Mini on Lion 10.7.2. Windows ran ok on my main admin account, but when I logged into the 2nd "Standard" account and clicked on Parallels in the Applications folder, an install window for WinXP popped up, which confused me as I was certain that I installed Parallels and WinXP for all users. Should I reinstall WinXP again for the 2nd user? I found this document on the Parallels website entitled:...
Never mind. In the middle of the sync, "Other" has now shrunk to 1.95GB. Strange. This iOS 5 upgrade is a bit buggy. I also got a message that my MacBook Pro is no longer authorized for apps installed on this iPad, but then when I click the "Authorize" button it says that my Mac is authorized already.
I'm updating to iOS 5 on my iPad, and when I try to sync somehow my "Other" category has ballooned to 30GB of data! Luckily I have a 64GB iPad, but I had to remove all movies, TV shows and Podcasts and most music and photos. I'm not sure how this happened as prior I always had plenty of room on my iPad. Any info would be much appreciated! HL
Over the years, I often travel back and forth to the US, Asia and Europe with my MacBook Pro and external firewire hard drives, which were purchased in the USA. While in Europe or Asia, which generally runs on ~220 volts, I've had several experiences whenever I daisy chained more than 1 external firewire hard drive to my laptop, either the connection was very unstable, resulting in drives randomly unmounting; or my current dilemma where the 2nd drive is not mounting at...
C'mon man, I know that, otherwise I wouldn't have downloaded ClickToFlash \ I've already whitelisted those 2 websites. Didn't know the second tip though, thanks!
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