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 WAIS, Veronica, Archie, Jughead ???
 SonyEricsson was doing it before they even started making Android handsets.
 Maybe you shouldn't speak with your mouth full, Siri works fine, as you'd know if you ever used it.
 HTC introduced a larger screen first, the desire I think it was, Samsung stifled them by withholding screen supplies forcing HTC to scramble to find new suppliers. This is why some of them had AMOLED screens and others didn't. The large screen was introduced to solve an engineering problem, where to put the larger battery these power hungry Android phones required to get through a day, without sacrificing thinness. The manufactured screen size issue is probably Samsung's...
 As ever AI's resident Google spokesman chimes in, Google pillages whatever they care to use from others, too bad if it comes back on them.
 I had Geocities.
 It works with Bing, or just ask Siri. I forgot my gmail password the other day, goodbye last Google thing I was using. Now I am Google free apart from their scumbag, surreptitious surveillance using little booby traps all over the web, which I actively block. It is liberating. To think I started promoting them when they first came out of Stanford before chasing the dollar and hypocrisy wiped out their early ideals.
So if Apple demonstrates the fact that the average price of ebooks actually went down, does that mean the plaintiffs will have to pay Apple?
 Nope. Do you go nuts when gas goes up?
 Weren't you already paid out by the publishers? Maybe you got scared by $2 and got psychological damage.
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