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I have my secret spots. Don't go to the city much, live on the edge.
From the link you posted:- Michael Noonan, Ireland’s Minister for Finance, told UK’s Telegraph in December that Ireland was closing the so-called “stateless” company loophole. “We have addressed the ‘stateless’ company issue in the budget,” said Noonan. However, Apple will still be able to take advantage of Ireland’s tax loopholes by simply moving its subsidiaries’ tax residences to a location with zero corporate tax. According to the Australian Financial Review, Apple...
Tax havens are like leeches draining the lifeblood of the countries where sales are made and taxes should be paid.   In Australia's case it's Singapore we have the ludicrous situation that a ship leaves Australia carrying iron ore or coal directly to China, somehow a higher price is paid by the Chinese to the Australian company in Singapore who then pay a lower price to it's branch in Australia.   If I buy a Mac or an iPhone, a copy of Windows or lots of other stuff,...
Sydney born and bred, I never get lost here, haven't used public transport much since getting a car and licence, I hear they now have a thing called an Opal card, which is like a drivers licence for poor people.
"Hey Siri" & iOS 9 has added to the fairly dumb bluetooth set up my Ford came with, now I don't have to push the paddle on the steering wheel to activate however there are a few issues with background noise especially when people are talking on the radio.   Using the steering wheel paddle mutes it.   I find I can do anything I need to without taking my eyes off the road, which is all that is important.
I noticed this when I jump in my car, you are twenty minutes from work, traffic is normal...   ...but it's not, it's my day off, isn't it?   I should be compensated, I've a good mind to start a class action suit.   Apple has failed, Apple is doomed™!   It's fun to hear Siri freaking out, telling me to U-turn etc when I drive through here, a good short cut, doesn't take long to reroute once I reach the other side:-     I've reported it.
Apple just sent me a set of these, arrived today, charging now.   Thank you Apple for the reward, I've sold and supported thousands of iPhones.  
 What's to honour? Liquid damage voids the warranty.
Australian pricing 50GB $A1.49, 200GB $A4.49, 1 TB $A14.99.   I save 50c a month on 200GB plan.   Most of the change has been eaten up by fall in our dollar.   My photo's are still uploading, 152GB, thanks to our lame Internet.   Fibre to the premises was cancelled by a vindictive government replacing it with a pathetic fibre to the node model.
It looks like optical audio out has gone, which I use for music.   It sounds marginally better.
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