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Can't stand Coffee combined with chocolate although some like Mocha.
Variety is what makes the world go round, imagine the blandness if we all liked the same things.
 My $A5000 Omega is now an $A8000 Omega. Mainly due to exchange rates.
I turned hotspot on my iPhone to watch a movie on Stan as due to rain my ADSL through shitty copper was running too slow. Feel asleep and forgot about it, woke up to 5 messages alerting me to data running out and $10 for extra auto adding, used 7GB. The iPhone goes silent in my radio dock. My mistake, I won't do it again and won't whine about it. Two iPads, two iPhones and Macbook backed up to iCloud.
I'm up to four routers, over time as I update them I hook the old ones into my network, result strong signal everywhere.
 3D touch on an iPhone does that, press keyboard, drag cursor around.
...and paedophiles, they always throw a "think of the children" into the mix along with piracy, the implication being that if you are against these laws you support organised crime, terrorism, paedophilia and piracy. Pure bullshit spin.
 We have worse in Australia, the idiot politicians who introduced and are overseeing our retention of metadata laws, could not even explain what "metadata" is.   My view on metadata "we don't want to know where you live, we just want your address". btw as an aside this came up during Duck Duck Go search, explains Google's position pretty much. 
 Way too thick for my liking, hard to wear with a suit, unless you had the sleeve specially tailored and you'd be forever bumping the thing. I'll stick with my Swiss watches which only tell the time and date yet will outlast me, my children and grandchildren. Tag and Heuer were great once, became a shadow of themselves during the crisis which affected the Swiss watch industry at the introduction of cheap Asian quartz.
Have you noticed, the time is set to 9:41 on Apple's pictures of iPhones? There is a reason for this.
New Posts  All Forums: