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That TV is not really valuable, I'll just take it, here's 5 bucks.
 Next thing you know he'll be telling us Sheldon is only an actor who has almost no knowledge of physics and that pro wrestling isn't real.    
 No I logged out of everything Google months ago, all I had left was a gmail account logged in via mail in iOS. It stopped working, I reset the password and couldn't get it to work again, so deleted the account. Ten years of spam, gone as the predominant use was signing up to dodgy sites. Before Gmail I had Yahoo and after Gmail I have Yahoo. Now if only I wouldn't get harassed to install Google Apps when I use the Appleinsider App on my iPhone. Strange that, everywhere I...
 Maybe Rockstar could sue for $Pi100 damages. A google pi.
If this is so, why is the area around my house vacant land on Google Maps and full of houses on Apple maps?Poor old outdated Google.
Tell that to Google and the judge who supported Google's arguments when moving the case from Rockstars home state to Apple's.
 ...but morse code was prior art, it encoded data, transmitted it over a network and decoded it at the other end. According to your earlier arguments, that invalidates every GSM, 3G and 4G standards essential patent ever granted because that is all these inventions do, using software to do it.
 All those standards essential software patents that cover how data is encoded, sent over a network and decoded. Do you think modern telecommunications would work without them? The prior art is morse code.
 Apple's patents go back to the Mac and Next days, they use them as iOS is an extension of OSX. Convergence. You want to make a phone work like a computer, Apple's been there thirty years and twenty one for the Newton?
New Posts  All Forums: