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Safari seems snappier.
Swatch basically saved the Swiss watch industry from an onslaught of cheap quartz and digital watches from Japan.They also make off the shelf movements that power a lot of "Swiss Made" watches under the ETA brand.In house vs off the shelf movements opens a whole can of worms among watch enthusiasts.
Before a tsunami hits the water dries up, just like Apple's sales numbers. My phone company has been trying to get me to upgrade my plan. No thanks, I'm waiting for something, like millions of other eligible people.
64 bit.
Why bother with a patent.   Samsung will just copy it, tie it up in the courts while mysterious unknown parties move to invalidate it and make millions while waiting for a court based decision.
 Where can I get a 128GB micro SD card for a "pittance"? Last time I looked they were still expensive.
What iPhones and iPads have is 64bit and those pieces of Samsung junk don't.Nanananama!
The guy must be too poor to afford a TV, I'd just watch the soccer on one of the many TV's scattered around my house. Someone from work was whining that the security software we have to install doesn't work with the S5's fingerprint scanner necessitating the use of a password, unlike the iPhone 5s. I guess that's what you get when you settle for a lame copy.
 No, but I have a jar of olives, ice and some gin, vodka and vermouth.
Edifice are pretty good, if only we had the radio signal in Oceana so it could set itself.
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