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Australian pricing 50GB $A1.49, 200GB $A4.49, 1 TB $A14.99.   I save 50c a month on 200GB plan.   Most of the change has been eaten up by fall in our dollar.   My photo's are still uploading, 152GB, thanks to our lame Internet.   Fibre to the premises was cancelled by a vindictive government replacing it with a pathetic fibre to the node model.
It looks like optical audio out has gone, which I use for music.   It sounds marginally better.
If these bozo's were around when your constitution was drafted, they would have called for the banning of envelopes and sealing wax.
 If by "banks" you mean "fees levied on customers". Banks don't pay for anything, we do.
 In Australia the limit is $100 for pinless, above that you are also required to enter a PIN after tapping.
 The POS system we use, you click EFTPOS as method of payment, it turns on the terminal with tap, swipe or insert. Smaller places with less advanced systems may have to go through manual entry but large retailers don't.
 ...and some of which will find it's way into Samsung's hardware. The technology that is, not the actual screens.
Bwahahahah, banks "caring" about their  customers, good one. We are cows to be milked of whatever they can get away with.
Their new waterproof version.
Samsung, such a wonderful company.   Innovative washing machines.
New Posts  All Forums: