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Edifice are pretty good, if only we had the radio signal in Oceana so it could set itself.
 That's why you can do it by post, calling Apple and mailing it in.
 Not quite, unless you have one of these:-  Which would cost you a lot more than 40 quid. What happened in the seventies and eighties was that cheap quartz watches almost killed the established Swiss watch industry, a parallel could be drawn from what happened to Apple in the nineties when Microsoft powered cheap PC's almost wiped them out.
 Highly reliable and with care able to last hundreds of years, these watches are designed to become family heirlooms. I've got a 1967 Rolex, picked it up, wound it and it started working after sitting in a box for twenty years. It's all about the craftsmanship that goes into them, in a largely throw away society some people still appreciate things made to last.
 It's already happening, your President wears a watch from this company, it was a gift from some of his bodyguards. 
I'm wearing this, right now:-
Samsung already owns a Swiss watch company.Haas & Cie.http://www.swccorp.en.ecplaza.net/about.asp
 /ahem, fashion statement???
You put a Patek in an article about Tag! Akin to putting a Bentley in an article about Kia. NSFW language warning...
It looks more like a HTC One than anything.
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