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I noticed an ad "surface" the other day, which was showing off a stylus and clip on keyboard, came from an irrelevant smartphone maker.
Duck Duck Go- tag heuer cal 1887 seiko They tried to pass off a rebuilt seiko movement as a new "in house" Swiss design.
What was that... ...oh, yeah an iPhone 6s isn't a "real" smartphone... Wonder if they still rebuild Seiko movements and try to pass them off as "Swiss", wouldn't touch Tag with a pole.
Do you allow employees to use their phone cameras? Can they forward company emails and sensitive information without you knowing about it? There are solutions available for iOS and Android which allow you to take control. It would all depend on how secure you need your business's information to be, different strokes for different folks.
Don't install Google's browser on your iPhone. Problem solved. I'll stay in the one third, I'm google free and the sky didn't fall in.
 What was it 30% of iPhone sales are to Android switchers? Samsung phones come with Microsoft software these days, maps, One drive etc. Implementing activsync may be a key to flaws, since Google stopped licensing it, it's been up to manufacturers. I have noticed that the latest Samsung phones will download and install Smart Switch without setting up or logging into a Google or Samsung account.
Good thing I don't use chrome, means it won't work.
Omega, Bond has used Omega watches for years, earlier movies have used Rolex, Breitling and Seiko.
That would require "real" multitasking and all the trolls know that iOS can't do "real" multitasking, as they've stated millions of times over the years.
We have our own sovereign currency unlike Greece, tied to the Euro or Argentina tied to US dollar. Australia will continue to be a small yet profitable market for Apple, as long as we don't hand over too much control via the TPP. If the idiots currently in charge can take their rose coloured glasses off for long enough. The current trade agreement we have with the US produced bugger all benefit for either of us.
New Posts  All Forums: