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Never, not once, ever have I seen a comparison of camera phones and cameras where people say...   ..."compared to my Samsung dslr..."   It's always Canon, Nikon and sometimes Sony but NEVER Samsung.   THEY ONLY MAKE SECOND RATE CRAP.
 IT'S GOT BIGGER NUMBERS THAN APPLE OR THE S5... ...that makes it more betterer!
This article reminds me of one of those ant lion traps, little snapdragon loving ants spiralling down into the jaws. Well done DED, telling it like it is.
 Another one falls into the trap. This is about Samsung's chips, not Qualcomm's.
 You weren't using a sub quarter inch sensor... ...irrelevent... ...next.
 I gave an example of user experience, opening a pdf phone bill in a phone companies app on an S5 and an iPhone. Chalk and cheese the iOS version worked a hell of a lot better on any iPhone.
 ...or is this an article about Samsung being not very good at designing and making their own chips?
Try the Zen Garden demo using the Unreal 4 engine in 64 bit.
 Yep, Samsung is bad at designing and making their own chips, just as the article states. As I read through the thread I wonder how many more Samsung apologists will back themselves into this same corner. Without Qualcomm Samsung are hopeless.
 This relates to Samsung being not very good at making their own chips in what way? You make a good point that without off the shelf components from others, Samsung is not competitive.
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