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 ...Blu-ray, you can't leave out the essential Blu-ray.
 Why, handroid of course...    ...boom, tish!
 So the Mac is winning based on pricing compared to market share, yet the iPhone isn't? Average cost of iPhone vs average cost of the majority of handsets making up the smartphone market would mirror the Mac graph. What a bozo, blind to the fact that Apple is raking in the lions share of real cash money from the handset market. Is this some kind of April fools stunt?
 This, this is what sets Apple apart, even today, enjoy:- 
I'm surprised Balmer wasn't included...     ...then again he doesn't really need a sarcastic take on his reality.  
 No, it was taken at the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in Sydney, Australia last week, on the 24th of March. Maybe 50 million + were "shipped" not sold. 430 million iPhones sold over the same time frame.
Dyno-mite!Watchoo lookin' at Willis!
So the publishers have already paid refunds, what further damages precisely, it seems like double dipping. Apple should be seeking an injunction, pending their appeal.
 Tell it to the analysts and media seeking to manipulate Wall St. AI and DED in particular, have long held a stance of looking behind the numbers to expose the fallacy of "marketshare" as the only useful metric.
 Watchmakers are in high demand, due to the threat of cheap quartz almost killing the Swiss watch industry through the eighties and nineties, little investment in training new staff was carried out. As older watchmakers retire there is no-one to replace them, hence a ten to twelve week turn around for servicing Swiss watches is common. Apple will find it difficult to poach anyone.
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