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 No, because he had more class than to publicise his charitable efforts. http://www.apple.com/au/product-red/
 So how does the surface compare to the 64bit desktop class architecture Apple's A7 ARM based CPU brings to the game?
 If Google is not delivering results, perhaps Bing will deliver superior results. Quite a few. It seems Google is being surpassed. It makes me glad I no longer need to rely on their seemingly biased results, sweeping unfavourable stuff under the carpet so to speak.
 Beats the paid comments from Samsung, US overlords, Korean overlords take your pick, somewhere in the middle is the truth.
 ...Blu-ray, you can't leave out the essential Blu-ray.
 Why, handroid of course...    ...boom, tish!
 So the Mac is winning based on pricing compared to market share, yet the iPhone isn't? Average cost of iPhone vs average cost of the majority of handsets making up the smartphone market would mirror the Mac graph. What a bozo, blind to the fact that Apple is raking in the lions share of real cash money from the handset market. Is this some kind of April fools stunt?
 This, this is what sets Apple apart, even today, enjoy:- 
I'm surprised Balmer wasn't included...     ...then again he doesn't really need a sarcastic take on his reality.  
 No, it was taken at the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in Sydney, Australia last week, on the 24th of March. Maybe 50 million + were "shipped" not sold. 430 million iPhones sold over the same time frame.
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