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Being used to Macbook trackpads and keyboards using $200 laptops is a very different, annoying and awful experience. No amount of trying to justify the performance of cheap, penny pinching components will change that.
I was referring to the available USB modems. http://www.vodafone.com.au/personal/wireless-internet/mobile-broadband/starter-packs The customer assumed that because they bought a laptop it would work AND being a cheapskate with a $250 laptop did not want to spend the extra that a WiFi modem would cost.
Didn't they tie in with BonziBuddy? Pure class.
Hey a Kia Rio is as good as a Mercedes SLK55 says the Kia owner. No it's not, it's crap.
So in other words, insecure and unsuitable for school use due to the apparent simplicity of breaking out of the standard set up.
I was talking about the 4G USB modem we had to refund because someone sold it to a chromebook owner, so how do you install the drivers without an Internet connection*? *The reason for buying the stick.
 The trademark application was for "App Store", not "App". So you wasted all your time on those references for naught.
I used a HP one, the cheap trackpad and keyboard were just nasty. Filling out web forms was an absolutely painful experience.
 Plug in a USB Modem and... ...it doesn't work.
These HD DVD's don't seem to work, I bought them to go with my X-Box. Now what were you babbling on about then?
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