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In Australia we seem to have the opposite issue, iPhone prices increase just before the launch of Samsung's flagships.   For example I got my 128GB iPhone 6 for $8 month on top of an $80 plan, today it costs $12 on top of the same $80 plan, the Note 4 is $6 plus $80 and the Note Edge is $14 plus $80.   Gotta keep "Android is cheaper" going I guess.
The iPhone was a smartphone, it had native Apps installed by Apple. The ability to install native software was the key definition. User installed is a distraction. Symbian was like DOS, technically smartphone software but hopelessly out of date. In trying to make it competitive with iPhone it's flaws and weaknesses were exposed. The large numbers came from cheaper, low spec low profit phones, which is what led to Nokia's downfall.
It looks like she used a USB turntable at 1:22.
Jews believe in Christ, Muslims too, as a prophet they don't recognise christ as the son of the one true God they all believe in. Different interpretations from the same book of fairy tales.
 Completely made in house, limited editions.
That's the exhibition back, it reminds me of the part in the Steve Jobs book where his father instilled in him that the interior of products require the same level of attention to detail as the exterior, even though the inside is rarely seen.
Used to, they started out as good watchmakers then went astray in the cheap Quartz carnage that almost destroyed the Swiss watch industry, the current company is reduced to a shadow of former greatness, trading mainly on the name.See my earlier post about a modified Seiko movement, it is sort of like Apple rebranding a Dell.****NSFW language warning****http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uIgO_f0bcRM
 We already live in this system, "justice" is only available to the wealthy.
$1000? The watch in my picture is $5500 retail. That's just above entry level. They are a completely different market.
Tag got caught out basing their movement on a modified Seiko movement. To many watch aficionados they are a wannabe luxury brand found in great numbers in down market shopping malls. If you want a luxury Swiss watch there are better brands. The point of owning a luxury Swiss watch lies in the craftsmanship and complexity of a well engineered mechanical movement that with care will last for centuries. Like this which is normally hidden away:- iPhone 6 camera > Air...
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