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 Meaningless if a high percentage of those handsets are only used for rudimentary basics.
Samsung's marketing hype is sucking all the air out of the room.
Touch ID would be good for thisSlide to power off or inserting a SIM removal tool could also be used as a trigger to fire off a location .
Why Apple and Wall St don't get along. Apple wants to use money to create things. Wall St wants to use money to create more money.
Had some guy whining about his new S5 not having the camera icon on his lock screen, he'd obviously seen pictures of the US version.Told him that's because carriers configure Android however they want it, the Australian versions don't have it, now go away you chose "open".
 I see Google just launched 64 bit Chrome (browser) for windows, finally caught up to the browser (Safari) I've had on my phone for the last nine months. Such a crap company, purveyor of ads.
I thought Amazon were forced to take Apple's terms, well in the world according to Cote anyway???They were supposed to be the "ringleader", weren't they?
 It's slowly ticking over. On Tuesday the DoJ filed it's brief in response to Apple's appeal. Today the US court of appeals in New York rejected Apple’s request to challenge the ruling before the class action trial set for 14 July. ​Here's the DoJ's 117 page brief. http://www.scribd.com/doc/226771195/US-v-Apple-Appellees-Brief
 Featuring Clippy the LA Clipper's new mascot.
New Posts  All Forums: