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 It's slowly ticking over. On Tuesday the DoJ filed it's brief in response to Apple's appeal. Today the US court of appeals in New York rejected Apple’s request to challenge the ruling before the class action trial set for 14 July. ​Here's the DoJ's 117 page brief. http://www.scribd.com/doc/226771195/US-v-Apple-Appellees-Brief
 Featuring Clippy the LA Clipper's new mascot.
 No. You can't open a store without any stock.
 When Apple launched the iPad and iBooks "Winnie the Pooh" was included for free because of it's full colour illustrations and curling of the top corner when flipping a page using a touch based interface. Thus iBooks was launched showing the difference. Eddie Cue testified as such, testimony which was ignored. At the time the kindle was a black and white screen controlled by buttons.
   You brought it up. Apple's product was differentiated, Cote treated it the same as Amazon's and refused to factor that into the pricing in her salivating, over-eager witch hunt. The appeal is where Apple will get justice.
 They did, Cote the puppet refused to listen.
 The iPad and iBooks brought colour and illustrations to iBooks when Amazon still had black and white bastardised PDFs. Torrents are cheapest therefore "best" for consumers, why doesn't the DoJ support them?
 ...and people who used whatever came in the box and never thought of spending big money on headphones are buying Beats by the thousands. All brought about by smart business people who had a vision, realised it and are now a part of Apple.
 It was a purely financial comparison based on the relative cost to Apple of the acquisitions based on the time that they were made. 1997 $ vs 2014 $ Keep calm. That is all.
 Yes, you do seem to get some interesting changes.
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