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Apple will be taking market share from Android (and others), you even mentioned the gear, a part of that market of which Apple currently has zero share.The only way is up.Thanks for the false concern I'm sure no-one here cares about your drivel.
Pay another bill for the SIM it would require?
On the 19th I will have a 64GB space grey iPhone 5 spare, it is unlocked and was service swapped last month so is flawless.   $190...   ...I guess I will be replacing the 16GB iPhone 4 doing permanent duty as an iPod in my car.   Wiped and filled with music gives me better value.
I've got 25GB of iCloud space and was continuously running out of space for backing up two 64GB iPhones and a 64GB iPad, so I changed it to sync the iPad and one of the iPhones with my MacBook. 200GB will easily fix that for less than I pay now.
My dropbox is down to 10.9GB after the 48GB I got for free with a Galaxy S III expired after two years, that deal was also offered with my Galaxy S4 but they never gave me any extra time or space. The $4 a month for 200GB suits my needs better than anything dropbox offers, 3 months of nag screens as the 2 years was coming up seals the deal for Apple. P.S. I can use both and SkyDrive too, who says you have to be restricted to one service?
Two words:-   battery life
They always could "seek a better life for themselves in the free market", the issue was companies actively approaching other companies employees and targeting them with job offers which weren't available to anyone else.
I picked up my 5s in Sydney Australia on the 20th of September, five weeks before it launched in New Zealand.Posted pics here so the Americans could have something to look at when they woke up.
Then you get those pesky IT boffins who demand capitals, numbers and symbols, so Password1!
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