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[[SPOILER]]So should cheap Android phones be forced to come with more than 4GB?
Apple devices come with free cloud storage, obviously also making this a non issue.
$60 a year and I've expanded my space by 200GB, it's comparable to buying that capacity in memory cards and there is no juggling involved. A few Android phones don't have memory card slots including most of the Nexus line (there was one Samsung made one I think). Like computers, buy the biggest capacity you can afford.
Apple gives 5GB (and more*) of iCloud storage for free.   This is more than the amount in question.   The End.   *some things don't count.
I noticed AC/DC aren't on Spotify, there are only tribute bands like before they signed with iTunes.
I hope the Sydney store stays open long enough for me to drag a refrigerator in there.
In Australia we seem to have the opposite issue, iPhone prices increase just before the launch of Samsung's flagships.   For example I got my 128GB iPhone 6 for $8 month on top of an $80 plan, today it costs $12 on top of the same $80 plan, the Note 4 is $6 plus $80 and the Note Edge is $14 plus $80.   Gotta keep "Android is cheaper" going I guess.
The iPhone was a smartphone, it had native Apps installed by Apple. The ability to install native software was the key definition. User installed is a distraction. Symbian was like DOS, technically smartphone software but hopelessly out of date. In trying to make it competitive with iPhone it's flaws and weaknesses were exposed. The large numbers came from cheaper, low spec low profit phones, which is what led to Nokia's downfall.
It looks like she used a USB turntable at 1:22.
Jews believe in Christ, Muslims too, as a prophet they don't recognise christ as the son of the one true God they all believe in. Different interpretations from the same book of fairy tales.
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