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 Wrong. People come here for well researched articles exposing the truth, not some Google inspired fantasy espoused by those who base their earnings on Google advertising dollars, backed up by astroturfing commenters paid by Samsung and others. Why does Apple dominate CES, even though they aren't even there? The ecosystem, the ecosystem supporting third parties.
 Probably because the "Apple zealots" as you call them, can't be bothered going to Android centric sites, so those spoiling for a fight have to come here. In a world dominated by sites which Google indirectly pays for via their advertising, it's refreshing to have an alternative view of the "truth"..
 I just want a screen to plug stuff into.
That is NOT part of the accepted definition.
 The first iPhone had native applications, written and installed by Apple. Your contention that "the iPhone wasn't a smartphone before iOS 2" has just been refuted by yourself. Well done.
 It's not "your" definition, it is/was the accepted definition before the anti-apple brigade tried to muddy it by tossing in terms like "true" multitasking, user installed etc.
With Android you can just add an SD card... ...oh, hang on. Nexus you can't.
Formatting uses space, sure it doesn't.
Symbian is DEAD, time to bury it, no one cares, the ex-fans moved on. Visual voicemail is on my carrier, it's an excellent feature, people who switch away from iPhone often whine about it's disappearance. Definition of a smartphone OS = ability to install native applications. Time to update your N8.
Apple should offer all those in the class a free removal tool so they can have the advertised space. Of course doing so would mean it's not very usable until the user formats the drive and changes the size on their own. Then they'd end up with a rather expensive thumb drive.
New Posts  All Forums: