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 This relates to Samsung being not very good at making their own chips in what way? You make a good point that without off the shelf components from others, Samsung is not competitive.
 The premise of the article stands, Samsung are hopeless at making their own chip designs and are reliant on off the shelf chips from others. I do wish people would stop cherrypicking to suit their agenda.
Check an LG quad HD display then, puts Samsung's efforts to shame.Basically useless as they are well beyond the point where pixels are discernible in everyday use.
A 10.5 frame rate makes a game barely playable.Yesterday I used an S5 to open a pdf file in it's lame version of an iOS app I use, step 1 was to choose to open it in Polaris office which it slowly did, the file was barely usable, wrong size for the screen and barely responding to touch inputs, in the iOS app it opens seamlessly, with smooth navigation and zooming.Real world consequences, not theoretical excuses.
That's easy for American law enforcement, resisting arrest and assaulting officers are the commonly used excuses they use to get away with killing innocent people. "He assaulted my boot with his face, so I had to shoot him seventeen times."
If they want information they can ask for it.   There are certain rights guaranteed under the constitution, the presumption of innocence and the right to silence are just two that spring to mind.   As an Australian I am not sure of what rights I hold when American law enforcement agencies want to snoop on my stuff, something they demand from the rest of the world.
Apple product Red leather here to match my iPad and iPhone 5s.   I always buy the product Red, it supports a good cause.
Are you referring to the fact that under the law you are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven to be guilty?
If you got them at a low price, yes as the value is determined by their rarity.My solid gold Rolex isn't worth that much, with the high price of gold as gold watches disappear by being melted down, it will slowly increase in value.
...and no memory card slot.
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