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"Volunteer" being the operative word.These bands are free to put on their own concerts, with associated costs, whenever they like.
 So TV and radio shows should have to pay bands, TV and movie stars for "performing" when spruiking their goods? Get real, if a band didn't want the exposure that an iTunes music festival provides, there are a thousand more ready to take their place.
...and this differs from putting on a free gig to increase exposure, say for a radio station, in what way?   Sounds like this guy's nothing but a gold digger, like in that old Ray Charles song.
 So how come I use abstract idea to perform the physical action of unlocking an iPhone? i.e. it's a practical implementation, not an "abstract idea". Once again your sidetrack fails. How about Stanford's "using maths to find stuff" patent, the one that Google was the sole licensee of?
Here's an idea, why don't the courts make US companies even less competitive in the global marketplace. There are plenty of highly trained people in India and China who would be glad for the work.
So use torrents to get free ebooks and steal library books, that way 'greedy publishers' get nothing.
 ...not to mention US corporations being given the power to sue foreign governments for "restricting trade" e.g. Philip Morris vs Venezuela because they had the hide to enact legislation requiring health warnings on cigarette packets. Maybe an Australian tobacco company should sue California for "restricting trade" by restricting smoking. Then there's requiring penalties to be applied to foreign nationals accused without the presumption of innocence in copyright...
 They are, Apple offers warranty protection for a time period required by consumer law and offers to extend it for a fee. These machines are outside both of those. The only legal reason outside this period would be due to a safety issue e.g. cars, I doubt this falls under that category. Anything Apple chooses to do is voluntary.
 Prepaid iTunes cards bought at a discount is a smart way to go. You don't need anything at all to download free content, to transfer content you already own via iTunes or to listen to ad supported iTunes radio. There is a "none" option.
 I notice you didn't answer my earlier question regarding the 64bit A7 and all the software that works with it. So apart from Apple where can I buy a functioning phone with a 64bit processor and OS?
New Posts  All Forums: