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Almost zero of them use high end processors, even less use high end 64 bit processors. Most of the 54% marketshare you tout, use low to mid range processors because most of that 54% are low to mid range phones. A fact you conveniently ignore like so many others.
How up to date is Snowden's information?   Things have changed a lot, since he last had access to this type of stuff.
 So all the words are all proper, like.
The LG has the buttons on the back.
Especially during iPhone launches when millions are trying to activate simultaneously. Samsung et al don't really have this "problem" to contend with.
Did Samsung ape the Dell Streak when they released the Note? Samsung's "jump the shark" moment was anything after the Galaxy SIII. It's been downhill ever since.
I used to get software for my Mac plus, from the floppies that came with the magazine, that was over twenty years ago.
My work uses Chatter from Salesforce.   Salesforce could be a loser from this.
That was the same thing that affected the Samsung Galaxy S GPS, which didn't work very well at all.  Last minute change that Samsung was unprepared for, the iron palm came down, I'd say fist but Google's marketing of Android relied on an "open" myth.
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