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 Park Ji-yeon was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2007, she died in 2010, Samsung denied any responsibility. Seven years later they are finally paying out. Delaying tactics.
 Apple publicised the issue of Chinese workers in the first place, years after companies like Samsung had already been using them. How's Samsung's Vietnamese factories? Funny how you never hear peep about them. Out of sight, out of mind, unlike China.
 Is that the same Samsung who used delaying tactics through the courts, appealing every decision and only started acting after a movie they tried their hardest to ban started lifting off the rose coloured glasses of the South Korean people?
 I'm not whining about Tim Cook's performance and never have.
 To make all the people whining about Tim Cook and his presentation skills shut up and go away. If Dr Dre was white do you think there would be as much thinly veiled disgust?
What Beats did was get the average Joe to question the quality of the headphones that came in the box and pull out their wallets to pay for something better.   Not audiophiles who whine about the meaningless to most specs of xyz brand.   Ordinary people who never would have thought of laying down a couple of hundred on headphones to improve their listening before Beats came on the scene.   The guys are smart and they've built a multi-billion dollar business.   An...
Those $200 million Heinekens better have been damn fine beers. Seriously Apple and Beats sound like a fine match, Dr Dre regardless of the colour of his skin, stays hungry, not content to sit on the laurels of his rather successful music career, set about to change the world. Beats is one of the hottest brands out there. Stay hungry, inject something new, stick your middle finger up at all the white middle aged white men who whine that Tim Cook ain't doing enough, ain't...
 Ill advised profiting from selling illegal drugs in the US, which they were picked up on then bribed their way out of facing bigger charges. You have the best government money can buy and Google spends a lot of money.
 64bit. Sorry mate, there are no better specs than that, it's unmatched no matter how much you wanna whine about cheap underpowered junk.
 Paid a fine levied by the US government for selling illegal drugs. Amazing how lobbying i.e. paying money to the right quarters, can mix up the words. Fine. Levy. Voluntary donation. The US government made Google pay up for selling illegal drugs.
New Posts  All Forums: