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I used a HP one, the cheap trackpad and keyboard were just nasty. Filling out web forms was an absolutely painful experience.
 Plug in a USB Modem and... ...it doesn't work.
These HD DVD's don't seem to work, I bought them to go with my X-Box. Now what were you babbling on about then?
 It wasn't:- Step 1 Use iTunes to burn a CD from your music. Step 2 Rip CD however you want, use "your" music wherever you want. This method has been round since almost the beginning of iTunes, it's Apple thumbing their nose at CONTENT OWNERS who imposed the restrictions. Comprehend that!
A chromebook without a data connection is absolutely useless, it's OS is webkit based.
Palm spoofed the USB identifier so not only did they go against Apple but also the USB standards body.
Automated algorithms.  
 Steam lets you play some windows games on your Mac, you don't even have to rebuy them, they are linked to your account.
No. Beneficial to the content providers who forced this on Apple. The same content providers who are still forcing this on providers of video content.
Sony. Remember rootkits? They came to notice because of what happened when you put certain Sony CD's into computers. These were then picked up and used nefariously by the bad guys. Now that is something worth a class action.
New Posts  All Forums: