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Then that would be discriminatory behaviour and Apple is already dealing with lawsuits over their hiring practices.
People fly over to Australia because we are usually the first, New Zealand is usually in the second batch of countries.
Unless they are tied into a contract gotten before they got the job and can't afford an an upgrade or an iPhone.
The answer is simple, answer everything with "iforgot".
So go line up for a Note 4, which was just announced......oh, hang on Samsung didn't give a release date.
I'd say they'll be waiting a couple of weeks past the announcement, my guess based on a Friday launch is the 19th.
 Why not use the answers to the questions you'd like to write? There's less chance of guessing nonsensical answers that don't relate to the questions.
I always answer those with responses completely irrelevant to the questions.
 Not if you go into the App's settings and disable it from doing that.
I have an NEX-5 and an NEX-7, along with four emount lenses ranging from a macro to a 200mm telephoto.This might go well with the iPhone I plan to get on launch day, while the most of the world is still asleep.
New Posts  All Forums: