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What I think Apple did was settle on a compromise, I guess they found 8 megapixels was the sweet spot. iPhones have always taken great pictures ever since they launched with a 2 megapixel camera when the norm was 5, quality beats quantity almost every time. I had a Fugipix 4 megapixel camera, I remember my nephew going on about his cheap 6 megapixel camera being "better" based on that alone. It wasn't, the results were clear. My first camera was an old Kodak Box Brownie...
What about a child like this one?   You want these morons to have more power than they already have?   Protect and serve, my arse.
 Teeny fine? How about a "teeny" loan? I could do with a "teeny" amount, say 20 mil.
He's well informed on all things Google, very well informed, with answers for everything Google related always at his fingertips. It's as if he worked for them or something.
I think you need to revisit the definition of a computer "virus". Trojans, malware, yeah sure but self replicating viruses, not so far. We had to uninstall chrome from our work PC's due to security issues. I tried Chrome a couple of times, gave it a chance and dumped it, I don't need it.
Reminds me of 2004 when I had to run browsers in 32bit mode in 64 bit Linux on an Athlon 64.   The tech industry is as slow as a glacier sometimes. 
Obviously it's nothing like an iPad Mini, the iPad has two rows of holes forming the speaker grilles, the Nokia has three. /s
I've got a 24 megapixel NEX-7, which takes stunning shots but frankly it's a lot easier to whip my phone out of my pocket rather than be burdened with a camera bag with accoutrements.
 Which is fine when you have a dslr sized sensor which has room for larger pixels but not so good in a phone camera sized sensor. Sony uses these in their Z series phones. I've found that the iPhone 6 takes stunning photos, particularly of people at night under artificial light. The iPhone's 8 megapixels forms the basis of "it's the same as a three year old android phone" comparisons from idiots. HTC went further, they use 4 and 5 megapixel sensors which often kills a sale...
 They have advertised them on Australian TV and sell them in some of the stores here, where they languish near the iPads.
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