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 Yay, Australia, all the way with LBJ, is really paying off.
My Ebay password was different to my iCloud password.   That could explain why I wasn't affected.   I also password lock all my devices and use multiple email accounts.   Strange that it's only happening here in Australia.
...or worse:-4.8" not enough? Try x-brand penis enlarger,38.7 seconds? Let xyz pills prolong your love life,Spouse playing around? Contact Joe's private detectives.Taking "personalised" ads to a whole new level.
Apple weren't fined for selling illegal drugs, Google was.Therein lies the rub.
So many times I've been caught out holding my finger on the home button of my iPad waiting expectantly for it to unlock. After getting used to it on my iPhone 5s it is something I would upgrade for.
 Why don't you ask Samsung, they sell the most, their high end phones cost more than iPhones.
  What questions? Seeing as how publishers do not sell iBooks to Apple. Apple does not buy iBooks from publishers. Apple has nothing to do with the price publishers charge consumers for iBooks.
 Nah, I just like the way Dilger takes a club to the bullshitters.
 I expect you'll be leaving then? Why expose your sensitive nature to such things when I am sure you can find some other site worth passing your time on.
   Hey, why don't you refute using examples, rather than the usual mish mash of vagaries given by those with no real answers.
New Posts  All Forums: