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The battery life is better than my 5s, a lot better and that's all that counts besides having used smartphone's for a few years now I make sure I am never far from a charger including a portable battery pack I carry in a pocket. A triangle is stable, this becomes obvious when you lay an iPhone 6 on a table and there is no sign of rocking unless you go out of your way to press outside the screen on the top corner opposite the camera, as there is no need to do this for any...
That would be due to the benchmark software not keeping up with the more advanced features of iOS 8, after all it was written for iOS 7 - 7.1.
I tested a few clock radio docks and most of them work, including the one I have at home.
I wonder how many processors NOT made by Samsung, Apple will sell over this weekend?
It came today, while I was at work selling iPhones. 128GB Silver it's restoring the backup from my 5s, as I type this. The plus is just too big, this one is at the limit of what I'd consider, it still feels a bit unwieldy, like my Galaxy S4.
Some Rolex models are an investment, most of them, not so much. A Steve McQueen Daytona for example.
Been downloading photos from safari for years.Hold finger on picture.Save to camera roll.Done.
The Moto G is a low to mid range phone, sold cheap.Not much money in it for Lenovo.
I guess the HTC One's (M7, M8) with their 4 megapixel cameras are screwed then, no wonder they aren't making money in spite of being hailed as the best Android handsets by reviewers.
Recently I had to transfer my wife's iPhone 5 to a Galaxy S4, while it went for repair (it took a few days for a service swap), because the S4 was rooted (Google Play edition), Samsung Smart switch or KIES wouldn't work. Got the replacement iPhone back and synced it with iTunes and everything was back the way it was before.
New Posts  All Forums: