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 Which is fine when you have a dslr sized sensor which has room for larger pixels but not so good in a phone camera sized sensor. Sony uses these in their Z series phones. I've found that the iPhone 6 takes stunning photos, particularly of people at night under artificial light. The iPhone's 8 megapixels forms the basis of "it's the same as a three year old android phone" comparisons from idiots. HTC went further, they use 4 and 5 megapixel sensors which often kills a sale...
 They have advertised them on Australian TV and sell them in some of the stores here, where they languish near the iPads.
Come back when they've sold fifty million, hang on make that ten million.
How long will they keep subsidising shitty tablets destined for the land of forgotten toys?
The "free market" won't decide because quite frankly there is no such thing.Access to a market has gatekeepers who already own the market supported by misleading media barons who brainwash the gullible into maintaining their power.Government isn't for the people it's for the lobbyists with the deepest pockets.
...which "they" spend on buying stuff, and that my friend, keeps the economy ticking over.It's time to take the power from corporations who pay the biggest bribes (lobbying) and return it to the people.E.g. How will the Koch brother's latest windfall affect the average American?
Nice one, two punches, keep keep up the good work.
This calls for a song...
 Nope. If you understood the context of what I was replying to i.e. the "missing" customers whose text messages couldn't get through, then maybe you could comprehend that they don't exist until some sort of contact is made. It was a pretty stupid example, just like the complaint.
Unless you download and convert music from iTunes for free, which has been an option for many years. I wonder why Google weren't included with Pirate Bay, etc?
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