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Yes and they have already used it. When European customers enabled voice directions in Google Maps before Google released it.
Australia here, the most I got was this many:- Maybe you should have chosen the fastest network.
Yes, yes I do and if you put iTunes Radio station settings to "discover" when you create a station, you won't hear much "commercially-programmed" stuff. Outside the US I'm still waiting to try Beats music, Spotify is overpriced, iTunes Radio works for me.
Does Amazon pay authors in advance, giving them the financial freedom to focus on their writing?
Apart from the black bar across the bottom of the circular face, which is not apparent on any of the watches I own and which gives the 360 face a "flat tyre" look.
The link I posted earlier, which the post I replied to was in response to. http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/warranty/
So Samsung has false and misleading information on their UK website?
 Wrong. Six months on the battery and other accessories, twelve on the charger.
 Hahaha, you left off the sarcasm tag.
Yep.I've seen plenty of microUSB sockets damaged from the plug being forced in the wrong way, I don't know if the situation is the same over there but if you read the fine print in the warranty of a certain Korean company whose name starts with S, you'll see they only offer six months on "accessories".
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