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Apple should ask for costs in this frivolous, time wasting case and leave the confused, last minute plaintiff to return to her ice skating.
No we haven't. We got rid of signature based transactions in August, our terminals still have the magnetic strip reader and we get the odd non-Australian credit card transaction where a signature is still required. I'm on my fourth card for one of my accounts because the chips keep failing, the latest card has a different design, maybe this card will last longer. I've never seen anyone pay with a phone, despite a few of our banks jumping on board with Samsung, Apple Pay...
The crapware Samsung phones are preloaded with demand this change of settings when they try to update themselves.They are the number one Android vendor so a lot of Android users are having this decision forced on them.So much crap, Android just sucks.
Such as if you want to use Amazon or Samsung App stores? 3rd party software installers. Amazon's App got booted out of Play the other day, was that because it worked as a third party installer?
 Plenty of other sites you can go to if you prefer a homogenised view of the world. The greyness of the people in Apple's 1984 ad campaign springs to mind, if you can't handle DED throwing the odd sledge hammer at the mainstream, then what are you doing here?
The corporate software I use allows the use of Touch ID on my iPhone, it doesn't for the Galaxy S5 they have to use a pattern or passcode.   Result = whine, whine, whine.
Apart from the "class action" requiring real plaintiffs to represent the "class". Otherwise you could just sue anyone for anything.
Strange a search of mobile java which was the main source of programs for dumb phones before smart phones took over i.e. after Apple launched the iPhone, doesn't seem to show much use of the term "app". Games, software programs, themes, etc seem to dominate. Funny, that.
Seinfeld also has an extensive collection of Swiss made Breitling watches, waste of money when you can get cheap Chinese and Japanese watches that do the same thing.
Being used to Macbook trackpads and keyboards using $200 laptops is a very different, annoying and awful experience. No amount of trying to justify the performance of cheap, penny pinching components will change that.
New Posts  All Forums: