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 Apple's pricing? The publishers set the pricing, Apple provided a place to sell. If you want to write a book and sell it via Apple, you set the price, there is no barrier to entry.
 No I was talking about the only thing from Samsung that is remotely close to "cool". Their vacuum cleaners suck.
 No, there isn't but that doesn't stop a lot of people being concerned over how much EMR is emitted and a legal requirement to provide SAR figures.
 That decision is under appeal, Apple will be exonerated mainly because they were a vertical entrant to the market and Denise Cote misapplied the law by treating Apple as a horizontal entrant, i.e. Apple was not another publisher, Apple did not set prices. The class action by the states has been stayed pending the appeal.
 Ummm, when I want to know the time, especially when surfing or scuba diving.
 It's called a fridge.
 Did that weirdo kiss his phone when he found it?
 Not Swiss? I'll give it a miss. Wearing this watch made in 2000 at the moment worth around six Galaxy S5's, waterproof to 5000 feet, nice engineering. 
 Vertu has been using sapphire for years, their latest touchscreen models still use it.
 ...and even Lisa. 
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