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 So Nexus aren't top tier and the HTC One?
 Yeah, they were so slow at releasing 64bit.
 I'd rather have this:- 
 Sorry mate, I'll dismiss it because it's not Swiss. Now if a module could be made that holds the smart bits and the crystal of the watch could be turned on and off, then that might be something I would be interested in. The module could be something like this, attached between the watch and the band:- 
 Like a phone sold as 16GB only having 8 usable GB. Less is more and all that stuff, right?
 To load the images onto your iPad and upload them to Facebook or Instagram, a 24 megapixel selfie is a good selfie, playful kittens look wonderful and meals look fantastic. ***Warning may contain faint traces of sarcasm.
 2004 My nephew wondered why his cheap 6 megapixel camera took worse photo's than the 4 megapixel camera I was using at the time. Sensors and lenses is what makes the difference and then there's also the role that processing the images plays, this is where Apple and iOS excel and always have.
 They've been doing that since day one, when entering a market full of 5 and 8 megapixel camera phones with 2 megapixels. In spite of ignoring the megapixel race Apple rapidly climbed to become the most popular camera on numerous upload sites.
 The Note 3 is already capable of taking 4k video, I expect the S5 will be too.
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