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 ...whose taxes are spent on something that benefits us.
There's a thing called "licensing agreements" and a music industry who don't want their largest retailer to hold too much power.
 That happens in Pages etc via iCloud anyway, as long as you have an Internet connection.
PayPal already works fine without having to bother with a fingerprint.   I buy something from my eBay App, PayPal pays for it, the password is only required now and then and from my iPhone/iPad it's a PIN.
 Good way to destroy a country's infrastructure. It looks like they'll end up with less to invest in the network.
 From developers hoping to cash in on mobile's perspective. Usage statistics are a far more valuable measure, that and profit share. How much longer can the companies three and below keep sustaining losses?
 You can see a pair of Beats across a room, a shopping mall, a subway station. To some that's more important than some old man whining about "better" value. btw, my headphones:- 
 Meaningless if a high percentage of those handsets are only used for rudimentary basics.
Samsung's marketing hype is sucking all the air out of the room.
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