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 It's called a fridge.
 Did that weirdo kiss his phone when he found it?
 Not Swiss? I'll give it a miss. Wearing this watch made in 2000 at the moment worth around six Galaxy S5's, waterproof to 5000 feet, nice engineering. 
 Vertu has been using sapphire for years, their latest touchscreen models still use it.
 ...and even Lisa. 
 Let's see it load 64bit Apps like this:- 
 They do a good job at processing audio and video, oh and a fingerprint scanner that is actually useful.
 Yawn, back in 2008-9 So what Google services do these Chinese phones come with, i.e. how does Google make revenue out of them?
 Safety reasons, i.e. not beaming EM radiation directly through the head instead of away via the back.
 The entire time I have said you have to turn it off in settings on the phone and you won't have issues. Not doing that shows a lack of understanding which can be overcome by educating oneself BEFORE wiping the phone.
New Posts  All Forums: