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 I thought it was only Apple that supports Product [Red]. It's the rouge apps that let you steal stuff, you know, so you're not like locked into Apple iTunes. The main selling point of crappy Android in phone shops around the world.
I put the Google Play version on, Samsung Kies and Smart Switch stopped working rendering it virtually useless as a back up phone. I was given a HTC M8 the other day, the microphone doesn't work.
  So by doing that Android becomes vulnerable to attack, like my SAMSUNG GALAXY S4. Thanks for confirming that ANDROID IS CRAP.
 So I should get rid of my Samsung phone with it's version of crappy Android then? Seeing as how it "uses a third party app store that's not from Amazon". Thanks for clearing that up, the number one Android vendor is crap.
...and Apps update themselves, automatically, without compromising security.
Most of the time the "better" and "not locked in" refers to the ability to pirate things.
...or just stick with an iPhone and not have to put up with such crap.
Yes, it should be in lossless flac format, 6 or 7 megabytes a second with the effect of a choir of angels singing. Signed... ...the phone companies slavering at the thought of the data overages this could generate.
No, the fact that it demands that you allow all sources, thus making your phone vulnerable to the threats that Android fools say are of no consequence, only IF you do not select the option that Samsung and I also assume Amazon require.
 DED can't help it if Android is a big, steaming pile of crap with a "shoot me" target painted in the middle. What's wrong with pointing out oft glossed over flaws, avoided by glassy eyed "Google can do no wrong", mantra spewing acolytes who seem to make up the mainstream tech press. If you don't find alternative views refreshing, then why don't you join the Android is winning crowd on umpteen doIt's strange that my Samsung Galaxy S4, when it wants to update one of the...
New Posts  All Forums: