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Then there's all the crap saying the new iPhones are comparable to 2012 Android phones, which conveniently leaves out 64 bit.
Gmail is still fairly pathetic when it comes to transferring contacts, I guess it has something to do with them dumping activsync.   Random contacts just don't show up.
 Can't anonymous requests be made to the PTO, as happens with every single patent Apple sues over?
Did Samsung note 4 million iPhone preorders?
Maybe they will open that up to 3rd parties, Apple seem to like others setting up small industries around their products.
After a 1 hour 45 minute phone call last night I am getting a silver 128GB shipping two to three weeks. The plus was not available for preorder here which tends to indicate constrained supply rather than high demand.
It costs more to service one of those than to buy an entry level Apple watch.The best thing about them are the swappable bands, so much better than fiddling around with the current bands when you want to change the look.
They'll save those for limited edition product Red versions.Pretty cheap, about a tenth of the cost of a Patek.
Win for the "wall huggers".
They were announced, not released.
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