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At what price point? $7-800?
When you scratch beneath the surface, that's when you find the true measure of a man. Andre Young seems to be a very savvy business man. Stay hungry Dr Dre, never stop striving. Think different!
 It's cheaper to buy iTunes match and upload torrented music if one so desired. Just like music from any source has been able to be imported into iTunes for over a decade. Can't search, hey.   
Create folders. Host your photo's somewhere else e.g Flickr they now let you use a Terabyte. Although why you consider it crucial to want to share 30,000 photo's is beyond me. What you send a link to people saying browse away?
 iTunes match + iTunes Radio, ad free experience for less than a third of the cost of Spotify. So you haven't used the full experience. Then there are the settings you can use in iTunes radio to create stations. Identify a song with Shazam, open in iTr, create more by this artist or more like this. Maybe it works differently in different countries.
 Which are based on back to the 1940's pilot's headphones.
 Overpriced junk, like Skull Candy. Sennheiser only get good above $200. Beats have 72% of the over $100 headphone market, they are only considered junk by a small segment of, largely irrelevant, self important audiophiles.
 No it's not. iTunes match costs a lot less. The free Spotify does f**k all in Australia (and other countries). iTunes match works well, unless your library is full of crap you don't like which seems like a definition of insanity.
 ...whose taxes are spent on something that benefits us.
There's a thing called "licensing agreements" and a music industry who don't want their largest retailer to hold too much power.
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