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 Sorry, I haven't seen a search engine homepage this decade. You mean they still exist?
 Correcting your misleading statement. Publishers do not sell eBooks to Apple. Apple does not set prices.
 The publishers did and do not sell anything to Apple, they sold and sell directly to iBook customers via Apple. Publishers decide what price they want to sell at, from a single person uploading an iBook to the big five. Apple provides a conduit.
 That is the majority of Android's "marketshare", especially in tablets.
 Do you mean cite this site? Relying on spellcheck can be a bitch
 You mean an unsent draft which strangely enough was in line with paperback pricing.
 Wrong. A small segment of prices jumped, the effect on the "entire established market" was an overall decrease in the average price of eBooks.
 Apple's pricing? The publishers set the pricing, Apple provided a place to sell. If you want to write a book and sell it via Apple, you set the price, there is no barrier to entry.
 No I was talking about the only thing from Samsung that is remotely close to "cool". Their vacuum cleaners suck.
 No, there isn't but that doesn't stop a lot of people being concerned over how much EMR is emitted and a legal requirement to provide SAR figures.
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