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Go into a bookstore, if you can still find one, look at the back cover of the book for the recommended price, it is what publishers started charging when free to set their own prices for eBooks.Coincidence?I think not!
Perhaps as a punishment for standing up to City Hall, a warning to others who pursue their rights."We will make shit up to find you guilty."
They aren't, they are a retailer paying out the publisher's settlement to their customers.
Does Google set the prices?No.Just like Apple.Google wanted to steal author's works and give them away for free.
 Straight from the horses mouth:- 
 Apart from being compatible with that weird Chinese 4G network that is.
 Strange that Engadget's score of 87 puts it on par with the the Galaxy S4. Endgadget is dominated by "paid for comment" fandroid sheep.
 Where does Amazon fit in?
Amazon will raise prices and whine about Apple causing it on their website, just like they did with eBooks.
Worldwide most Android phones sold are cheap, small screened junk.
New Posts  All Forums: