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 Let's see it load 64bit Apps like this:- 
 They do a good job at processing audio and video, oh and a fingerprint scanner that is actually useful.
 Yawn, back in 2008-9 So what Google services do these Chinese phones come with, i.e. how does Google make revenue out of them?
 Safety reasons, i.e. not beaming EM radiation directly through the head instead of away via the back.
 The entire time I have said you have to turn it off in settings on the phone and you won't have issues. Not doing that shows a lack of understanding which can be overcome by educating oneself BEFORE wiping the phone.
 "Some users" all in the group being those who did not turn off iMessage on their iPhone.
 I don't know if you've ever noticed this but Apple likes to leave some things to third party developers. That way the App store remains vibrant and strong. Adding these things for everyone whether they want to use them or not leads to bloat. See Samsung phones where almost 50% of available storage can be taken up by things that may never be used and can't be deleted.
 Smart Switch is one of Samsung's selling points, they purposely sell Android as an easy switch, the latest version even syncs with iCloud. http://www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch/ Samsung goes to a lot trouble trying to convince iPhone users how easy it is, they even have specific instructions about iMessage here. Caveat emptor.
 In the story the whole issue came about because she didn't turn iMessage off before wiping the iPhone. Don't you think the person selling her the new phone should advise her of that?
   I've done it dozens of times when switching from my iPhone to my Galaxy S4 and back again with NO ISSUES whatsoever.
New Posts  All Forums: