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Spotify don't have to use the App store, it's their choice.    70% of something is better than 100% of nothing or they wouldn't be there.   btw is Compton the best album ever produced by an Apple executive?
Why don't you learn how your devices work? Go into settings, messages and tick and untick the various addresses iMessages will go to for each device.
I'd like to know why, when you see those ISIS guys running around, a lot of the time they are armed with American made weapons?
It was X-Files. I remember how Internet speeds used to pick up here in Australia when it came on in the US.
The green hues of a baby's diarrhoea. There a much better image. 
If it ain't broke why fix it?   People hold on to their old iPads, why get a new one when the old one still works?   I've got two, a 64GB retina and a 16GB Air 2 I was given.   I use both, the difference is negligible for how I use them.
 Where? It's a total and epic failure.
My phone company stopped supporting an older version of their App, they contacted over 100,000 affected iOS & Android users using the old version to get them to update.   They also  contacted 400 Windows phone users to tell them Windows will not be getting an updated version and to use the web instead.   Says it all, really.
Is there anything more tedious than editing music tags?   I still have a whole lot of songs at the end of my library that look like this:-, as a result of multiple backups dating back to the nineties.   Spotify doesn't have a whole lot of stuff e.g. AC/DC, I dumped it as soon as the 6 month premium trial I was given ended, it also stopped playing anything except via PC (Australian version) but only let you look at stuff.   Who wants to look at...
New Posts  All Forums: