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After a 1 hour 45 minute phone call last night I am getting a silver 128GB shipping two to three weeks. The plus was not available for preorder here which tends to indicate constrained supply rather than high demand.
It costs more to service one of those than to buy an entry level Apple watch.The best thing about them are the swappable bands, so much better than fiddling around with the current bands when you want to change the look.
They'll save those for limited edition product Red versions.Pretty cheap, about a tenth of the cost of a Patek.
Win for the "wall huggers".
They were announced, not released.
Our preorders started at 5:01 pm (12:01 am Cupertino time), it's now 7 and still can't get through online or over the phone.   It looks like this is going to be massive...   ...again.   I'm going for $A88 a month for unlimited calls and text, 5GB of data, 300 minutes International calls and a 128GB iPhone 6.   Vodafone Australia.
Of what value to a thief is an iPhone that can't be activated, apart from being stripped down for parts?
Ah, but it was the great fruit which usurped camera's on Flickr.Not Nokia, not Blackberry not anyone except Apple.
As part of my job I have corporate security software installed on my 5s, you should have seen all the whining from the S5 owners who couldn't use the fingerprint scanner on their Samsung's and had to set up a password lock instead.Of course this wasn't an issue for the 5s' Touch ID.It' s little flaws like this, often overlooked, which catch out the imitators.
They seem to have left out 64 bit......now that is funny, all the nerdy types that this sort of crap appeals to deliberately misunderstanding the significance.So when do you think the rock one will be resurrected?
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