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So if Apple demonstrates the fact that the average price of ebooks actually went down, does that mean the plaintiffs will have to pay Apple?
 Nope. Do you go nuts when gas goes up?
 Weren't you already paid out by the publishers? Maybe you got scared by $2 and got psychological damage.
 Well played.
 Don't care, mate. Isn't there somewhere better to waste your time?
 Come back when they manage to "cram" 64bit "in there"... ...then your drivel may become worthwhile.
 Does being an apologist for Samsung pay well? Hypothetically speaking.
 They are writing the same emails today, along with profit warnings as their high end wanes and they subsist on largely cheap, low powered junk that barely meets the classification of "smartphone". The average sales price of their handsets is falling, which is what happened to former number one Nokia.
 "Good products" and "Samsung" don't really belong in the same sentence. I'm glad I got rid of their piece of junk washing machine before it caught fire. http://www.smh.com.au/national/samsung-recalls-150000-washing-machines-20130430-2ir0d.html
The wicked witch of the East and her faithful sidekick, strike again.
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