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 The S4 is useful for propping up a rickety table.
 You are so boring and predictable, haven't you got something better to do or are you stuck in a boring and predictable job?
Good riddance to bad rubbish, I feel liberated, liberated and it's mostly thanks to guys like Gatorguy.
Don't care, I don't want Google to track me.Google free and proud of it.
Cope and the DoJThe people shall have their ebooks unfettered by capitalism.
$A35 a year for iTunes Match.
 Why am I not surprised that you have it on hand. Can we use you for Google tech support? Expand your role.
 Unobtrusive?.. ...or easy to click on by accident. Screw Google people can get by without them, who goes to search engine home pages anyway?
 Google's stuff has become second rate due purely to the fact that advertising is beginning to dominate everything they do and is interfering with the quality of their services. Go on... ...cut the cord ...you don't need them.
New Posts  All Forums: