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My work uses Chatter from Salesforce.   Salesforce could be a loser from this.
That was the same thing that affected the Samsung Galaxy S GPS, which didn't work very well at all.  Last minute change that Samsung was unprepared for, the iron palm came down, I'd say fist but Google's marketing of Android relied on an "open" myth.
The minimum wage in Australia is $15 an hour, yet a Big Mac costs the same as in the US. How does that work out?
No, but voters do. They are putty in Rupert's hands, in Australia, in the UK and in the US. Rupert's outdated economic ideas are fed to the masses, who unfortunately lap it up. Everything that Murdoch does with his extensive media empire has one sole purpose, to benefit himself. Anti-union, keep wages low, tax cuts for the wealthy, trickle down economics is a failure the US economy has been stagnant since the Reagan years. Your minimum wage hasn't changed for fifty...
It's gotta be better than the "history" Rupert Murdoch is creating for you now. Muslims are his latest target, muslims who just happen to own a lot of oil. Surprise, surprise Rupert just invested heavily in shale oil alternatives to Muslim owned oil. Outdated and misleading economics and idiots just lap it up as their standard of living falls. Heaven forbid that we pay taxes to help ourselves.
Organising as part of a group to ensure a better outcome.
 I'm with you, there is more music available from multiple sources than I have time to spend listening.
 I don't know, these work quite well:- 
We have it in Australia, it's not as finely tuned as spotify, it's more for listening to singles which are generally similar, whole albums aren't available.
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