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The more a person is paid the more they can afford to spend and save. Perhaps you can do what we do here, compulsory superannuation where a percentage of a persons wage is put into super. Of course they would have to be paid a decent amount in the first place.
People not being able to afford to buy what you sell, will drive you out of business faster than that. Hey, you can always give people loans that they can't afford to service and onsell them as valuable assets. That worked out well, didn't it.
Simple common sense. The poorer people are, the less they consume. Consumption is what drives the economy, the purchase of goods and services.
Workers have every right to organise and join unions to negotiate conditions and pay with employers.   People being paid more means they can buy more stuff, this boosts the economy.   I don't know why people are so dumb they can't figure this out.
Apple and their "rounded rectangles" all over again.   /s*   * this denotes I am being sarcastic.
 Why don't you support your argument with examples.
 Wrong. People come here for well researched articles exposing the truth, not some Google inspired fantasy espoused by those who base their earnings on Google advertising dollars, backed up by astroturfing commenters paid by Samsung and others. Why does Apple dominate CES, even though they aren't even there? The ecosystem, the ecosystem supporting third parties.
 Probably because the "Apple zealots" as you call them, can't be bothered going to Android centric sites, so those spoiling for a fight have to come here. In a world dominated by sites which Google indirectly pays for via their advertising, it's refreshing to have an alternative view of the "truth"..
 I just want a screen to plug stuff into.
That is NOT part of the accepted definition.
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