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 Same here, you'll be pleased to know the iPhone 6 fits very well.
Not in Australia it doesn't the seatbelt ends up buckling on the driver's left hand side. I use a dock in my car, some of the time lapse videos I've captured are pretty cool. The stupid size of these "phablets" from any manufacturer is why I went with the 6, after all who wants to walk into a pole during a call, when your vision is obscured by holding one of these behemoths to the side of your face.
Maybe they'll just add a warning notice like the one HTC has on the protective plastic their phones come wrapped with. http://www.pocketables.com/2012/07/warning-dont-sit-on-your-htc-evo-4g-lte.html
Competition, what competition? Samsung hasn't released one of those pictures with the people holding up the number cards for quite some time now. 
Well that's ten million A8 processors sold in 3 days that Samsung missed out on.
 http://www.computerworld.com/article/2496982/apple-mac/sold--antique-apple-1-brings-a-record--671k.html lol Although:- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-11/rolex-daytona-sells-for-record-1-1-million-at-christie-s.html You would be extremely fortunate to come across either of these things.
The battery life is better than my 5s, a lot better and that's all that counts besides having used smartphone's for a few years now I make sure I am never far from a charger including a portable battery pack I carry in a pocket. A triangle is stable, this becomes obvious when you lay an iPhone 6 on a table and there is no sign of rocking unless you go out of your way to press outside the screen on the top corner opposite the camera, as there is no need to do this for any...
That would be due to the benchmark software not keeping up with the more advanced features of iOS 8, after all it was written for iOS 7 - 7.1.
I tested a few clock radio docks and most of them work, including the one I have at home.
I wonder how many processors NOT made by Samsung, Apple will sell over this weekend?
New Posts  All Forums: