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 The only way to really tell is to put another carriers SIM in it, it comes up with "No SIM", switching aircraft mode on then off will bring up an Invalid SIM error.
Touch ID is the solution for you, I lock my iPhone 5s & 6 with a full strength password a touch is all it takes to unlock it, unless I forget to enter password after a restart. I don't know about where you live but where I live the only way a driver is permitted to touch a phone or tablet while driving is when handing it to a passenger. I use my phone with the controls on my steering wheel via bluetooth and Siri.
Spoofing IMEI's is illegal in many jurisdictions.
It's a periscope.
 Do Chinese workers need food stamps just to survive, like minimum wage American workers? Strange how people are blind to the mess in their own back yard. Minimum wage workers are effectively subsidised by the taxpayer, no wonder corporations fight to keep minimum wages low, it transfers their costs to the Government. The thing these corporations fail to take into account is that workers who are paid more, consume more making a larger pool to take profits from. Things seem...
Welcome America, welcome to 2009 from Australia where entering your IMEI on most carriers websites led to immediate unlocking via iTunes.   In 2011 we did away with iPhone locking altogether apart from a small number sold as PAYG.
When you activate it for the first time, IT ASKS YOU TO SET UP A PASSWORD and warns you if it isn't a strong one. I suggest when you get a new iPad you get a genius to help you set it up seeing as you seem to be incompetent. Either that or setting up the worst case scenario imaginable, a tool used by trolls for years.
Neither, it would appear do capitalists in the great USA.
 The point is dedicated cameras and phone cameras are chalk and cheese. Phone cameras are constrained by the size of the components you can use.
 The files are too big and take up too much room and time to write to disk. Apple has always done an excellent job with processing what the iPhone camera captures, always, since the first 2 megapixel cameras went up against 5 megapixel cameras from other manufacturers. The proof was in the file size of the results way back in 2007 and 2008.
New Posts  All Forums: