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Bwahahahah, banks "caring" about their  customers, good one. We are cows to be milked of whatever they can get away with.
Their new waterproof version.
Samsung, such a wonderful company.   Innovative washing machines.
Perhaps these public servants, employed by the public should make their phones available unencrypted to whoever asks, after all as their employers we have the right to know that everything is above board.   Think of the children, paedophiles come from all walks of life, including police and the judiciary.   Then there are murderers, American police seem to have a high propensity for murdering people over minor infractions.
Spotify free is garbage in Australia, having had a trial of premium the music stopped on my phone when the trial finished unless I was on the same wifi network as my PC.   All you can do is browse the music.   Apple music has more content at the same price e.g. AC/DC and works well.
Like the US government going against Chinese companies that supply network equipment, e.g. Huawei.
Spotify don't have to use the App store, it's their choice.    70% of something is better than 100% of nothing or they wouldn't be there.   btw is Compton the best album ever produced by an Apple executive?
Why don't you learn how your devices work? Go into settings, messages and tick and untick the various addresses iMessages will go to for each device.
I'd like to know why, when you see those ISIS guys running around, a lot of the time they are armed with American made weapons?
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