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 You shouldn't have logged into .me on an Android phone. 
 Like Samsung's App stores? First thing their shitty Apps do when nagging you to update them is ask you to change permissions to allow other sources. Things like the crappy fitness apps on the S5. Thus breaking all Google's pathetic efforts. Updating installed apps is a way to bypass Google security don't forget Android is "open" for hackers to exploit.
 Why? Doesn't Google search work as well as their ads?
Flickr gives you a TB for free.
I wonder if they will do this in Australia? They only have outright Samsung handsets and a few different tablets. The money I save on gasoline @ around 20c per litre more than makes up for the membership cost, since they opened here I've never filled anywhere else. The free food is good too, a few rounds soon fills you up. It's also good to not have to bother with receipts as everything is linked to the membership card.
I know they play rugby league, soccer is the one with the round ball.
At least there's a cricket channel, so you can watch England lose at another sport besides soccer.
So how about I come steal your TV because at some future point you will throw it away.Under your reasoning that can't be a crime.
 Maybe just disbar some of the juniors, hired as scapegoats.
 The strangest thing about this gator guy, is the litany of links he presents in support of a certain advertising and search company while seeming to have great difficulty in finding anything that backs up anything negative about said advertising and search company.
New Posts  All Forums: