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Gold watches are becoming more valuable as their rarity increases due to them being melted down as the price of gold increases.
Here's mine, 1967 Oyster, after spending $A1600 for Rolex to restore it. It depends on how limited, the limited edition is, will it be numbered as part of a series? That will give it some future value. I can see a single Product Red auction version going through the roof, maybe platinum.
The entire Government from top to bottom is held in thrall to corporate lobbying, that's who they govern for, to think otherwise is naive.
Is America a free country or not?   Freedom of speech, freedom to join a union.
There fixed that for you.
There seems to be a double standard among Americans, they are all ready to jump on their high horse as far as Apple's Chinese workers are concerned, yet ignore the struggling worker who hands them their lunch.
...at the behest of the carriers. I was given a Cingular Motorola Razr many years before the iPhone was launched that was locked.
 The only way to really tell is to put another carriers SIM in it, it comes up with "No SIM", switching aircraft mode on then off will bring up an Invalid SIM error.
Touch ID is the solution for you, I lock my iPhone 5s & 6 with a full strength password a touch is all it takes to unlock it, unless I forget to enter password after a restart. I don't know about where you live but where I live the only way a driver is permitted to touch a phone or tablet while driving is when handing it to a passenger. I use my phone with the controls on my steering wheel via bluetooth and Siri.
Spoofing IMEI's is illegal in many jurisdictions.
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