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 ...I'm slowing, getting older. What a difference a comma makes.
 'scuse me while I ax my Granmar about the gramnar!
 I wonder if the reaction would be the same if it was Bubba Watson who invested in Beats and made $30,000,000. That good old boy could buy himself the $525,000 Richard Mille watch he is currently sponsored to wear.
It seems like this wise young man is quite the canny investor.
 What I meant was, scanning a card makes no difference to a phisher, i.e. it is not a phisher's dream. You can already use the camera to scan in iTunes vouchers, which is extremely fast and useful. This is an extension of that and if it works just as well, I look forward to it.
No it doesn't, I can get a 4G Huawai handset for $159.
...and this differs from manually typing in the details in what way?
 It already has, you can get LTE handsets under $200. This shows that the most popular high end smartphones have screens the same as or smaller than iPhones.
I've never had an issue with my me.com address. I also changed my iTunes email address, when I deleted my Google account. It was no big deal, just changed the log ins when an error popped up across different devices,
 I wonder how hard it is, i.e. scratchable?
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