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There is nothing to stop you using multiple back up options, my Dropbox is annoying, I got 48GB free for two years with a Samsung Galaxy S3, when I got an S4 I got nothing extra in spite of Samsung advertising that it came with 48GB for two years, I also have Skydrive among other things. I don't use any Google services at all if I can avoid it. It's a competitive market, use whatever suits your needs.
The backup of my 128GB iPhone 6 is 2.9GB, what's everyone whining about?   I pay 5 bucks aussie a month for 200GB, I've got 80GB of photo's and videos, it's taking forever to upload them all, Photo's has been doing it for weeks.   Now to figure out how to get my wife's phone to backup to my 200GB, without all her photo's messing up my back ups, I've got two accounts, one for iTunes purchases and one for iCloud, her 64GB phone is linked to my iTunes one for iCloud with...
Don't forget the influence of party donors and lobbyists supported by biased media. Return democracy to the people.
Nothing will happen.   Our current government are a bunch of lying sleaze bags who are just throwing out a few feel good stories to keep the fools who voted for them happy as they continue to pillage OUR wealth for the rich and corporations who make up the majority of their party donors.   "Eleventy" Joe Hockey is the most incompetent idiot, this country or any other country has ever had as a treasurer.
You could always stick one of these on, or glue a crystal set to the back. 
 Phones have never had AM radios due to the simple fact that the required antenna is too big.
 I don't mind, here's my 1967 Rolex. I wonder if it has a brushed finish, it makes it more subtle than polished. 
 Something like the Trans Pacific Partnership, which governments are negotiating in secret and which seems, based on evidence found in leaks, to involve the transfer of involved countries' sovereign powers to mainly US based multinational companies. Like that, you mean? 
I was doing art like that when I was in high school back in the seventies, failed the subject, I guess I was too far ahead of my time.
They package things that way deliberately, so there is a sense of anticipation and reward.
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