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The design patents aren't at issue in this case.Most of your pots have been irrelevant sidetracks.This case is about Samsung's phones working the same as iPhones.
These sort of articles always bring out the defenders refusing to believe there is a problem.   So Android doesn't have freemium java programs?   The only straw they can grasp at when trying to tar iOS with the same brush.   Four bucks to change a check mark.
 So you meant one model of iPad that stopped selling years ago vs Android tablets which are currently available?
 Not the catastrophic fall that felled Nokia, then again the majority of phones Apple sells aren't in the cheaper categories where most of Samsung's sales come from. 
 No Samsung are and have been number one for a while, the average amount they are making per handset is falling, they have released notices confirming this in shareholder warnings.
 The windows of my car contain live weather updates, traffic updates, directions and speed limit notifications they even contain advertising provided by billboards. They also work as a primitive form of air conditioning when wound up and down.
Why would you want live tiles in a car?   So you can crash when distracted by Facebook updates?
 Notice I stated handset vendor, not smartphone vendor. http://edablog.com/2008/02/21/nokia-strategy-analytics/ http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/13/samsung-passes-motorola-takes-number-two-market-share-spot/ I was slightly out on the US, that didn't happen until 2008 http://www.symbian-freak.com/news/008/11/samsung_became_the_number_one_handset_vendor_in_us.htm Samsung's transition mirrors the general market move towards smartphones becoming a larger proportion of handsets...
 They are running scared of Apple because their big "marketshare" is made up of cheap handsets while their high end languishes even though they fool most of the media into portraying the opposite. Just like Nokia post iPhone, huge marketshare with a dropping average handset price that fell to unsustainable levels. Meanwhile Apple just keeps ticking along banking most of the money, with real innovation such as 64bit. Samsung has always been a follower, a follower with...
 Before the iPhone launched Samsung was number two handset vendor in the world, behind Nokia and number one in the United States.
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