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Apple row their own canoe, an iPhone 6 will not be a "response" to anything, particularly anything Samsung has done.
Since they pulled out of selling cell phones.
Yes they were, Phillips, Sagem, Siemens, to name a few, during Nokia's surge to dominance. They pulled out because they weren't making money.
Maybe they can update the picture in my Ford's console:- Very Blackberry like.
The pair that I own  (PowerBeats) don't seem to exhibit what you describe at all, then I use them almost every day they are way better than these which I also own (see picture in earlier comment.
Emphasising the bass goes way back to the eighties when cassette tape Walkman type players had bass boost, extra bass, mega super duper extra bass etc, whatever the marketers could think of.Of these:-The Beats win hands down and are not all bass.
Safari seems snappier.
Swatch basically saved the Swiss watch industry from an onslaught of cheap quartz and digital watches from Japan.They also make off the shelf movements that power a lot of "Swiss Made" watches under the ETA brand.In house vs off the shelf movements opens a whole can of worms among watch enthusiasts.
Before a tsunami hits the water dries up, just like Apple's sales numbers. My phone company has been trying to get me to upgrade my plan. No thanks, I'm waiting for something, like millions of other eligible people.
64 bit.
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