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Ah, but it was the great fruit which usurped camera's on Flickr.Not Nokia, not Blackberry not anyone except Apple.
As part of my job I have corporate security software installed on my 5s, you should have seen all the whining from the S5 owners who couldn't use the fingerprint scanner on their Samsung's and had to set up a password lock instead.Of course this wasn't an issue for the 5s' Touch ID.It' s little flaws like this, often overlooked, which catch out the imitators.
They seem to have left out 64 bit......now that is funny, all the nerdy types that this sort of crap appeals to deliberately misunderstanding the significance.So when do you think the rock one will be resurrected?
...but not an "actual innovation", like 64 bit.32bit is so 2012.Keep your trash talk to yourself along with your trash phones.
Yeah, look at all the higher megapixel camera phones overtaking the iPhones on Flickr......oh hang on.At the size of a phone sensor, the compromise with more pixels is more noise to deal with.Apple gets it, HTC gets it, the rest it's more about kudos regarding a number on a spec sheet.
I've got the annual pricing offer for 25GB, it's $A14.99, I was paying $A42 and will receive the princely sum of $A1.67 as a refund, as it was due to renew on October 1. All the other plans are monthly payment, it's $A4.99 for 200, $A12.99 for 500 and $A24.99 for the TB. The "Australia tax" strikes again. Now I've got to work out the convenience of an annual payment vs the monthly subscription. Being an average Joe with no esoteric requirements requiring petabytes...
Apple will be taking market share from Android (and others), you even mentioned the gear, a part of that market of which Apple currently has zero share.The only way is up.Thanks for the false concern I'm sure no-one here cares about your drivel.
Pay another bill for the SIM it would require?
On the 19th I will have a 64GB space grey iPhone 5 spare, it is unlocked and was service swapped last month so is flawless.   $190...   ...I guess I will be replacing the 16GB iPhone 4 doing permanent duty as an iPod in my car.   Wiped and filled with music gives me better value.
New Posts  All Forums: