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Perhaps they should have donated to the Liberal Party, currently in office and no, they are not liberal in the American sense, conservative like your Republicans. Here our treasurer protects his party's donors and friends, among them Rupert Murdoch who has managed to transfer $A4.5 Billion tax free out of the country via the share dealings of a $2 holding company:- 
 From an outsiders perspective this situation seems to have come about due to the privatisation of prisons and their use to make profits for the companies that run them, they actively lobby to create more prisoners, through supporting stricter laws. It has become a high stakes industry.
So how much will it cost to fix such a fragile screen on such an expensive phone? 3, 4, 500 dollars???
Nothing like it at all. See, two rows of holes.
Maybe he shouldn't have punched someone at work. It's common sense, in almost any job it's immediate dismissal.
 There is only one, Rupert Murdoch's Foxtel partnership with Telstra. He used his newspapers to influence an election which saw the rollout of fibre to the premises cancelled and replaced with inferior fibre to the node, copper to the home. Let's see you stream 4k over that. I'll stick with the US version.
For those complaining at the cost of the iWatch, check this.   Limited edition of seven, one will be kept by Patek Philippe in their museum, the six remaining will be sold for $2,500,000 each, only after you convince the charman of the company that you are worthy of owning one.   Source
 Don't forget, you can also use an analog watch as a compass, by pointing it's hands to the sun, as long as you know whether to compensate for daylight savings.
 I think Rolex, among others would tend to disagree. They have sent watches to the deepest ocean point on earth.
 It's kind of important that a divers watch can be used to know exactly how much time you have left until the air runs out AND that you have sufficient time to reach the surface without getting the bends, during deeper dives. Which is why the outer twisting dial was invented.
New Posts  All Forums: