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Samsung already owns a Swiss watch company.Haas & Cie.http://www.swccorp.en.ecplaza.net/about.asp
 /ahem, fashion statement???
You put a Patek in an article about Tag! Akin to putting a Bentley in an article about Kia. NSFW language warning...
It looks more like a HTC One than anything.
 ...or a pallet of returned ones:- 
 My idea of heaven is an eternal Costco five cheese pizza slice that you just keep eating forever.
 My Galaxy Nexus is less than 5 years old, updates stopped quite some time ago.
 You shouldn't have logged into .me on an Android phone. 
 Like Samsung's App stores? First thing their shitty Apps do when nagging you to update them is ask you to change permissions to allow other sources. Things like the crappy fitness apps on the S5. Thus breaking all Google's pathetic efforts. Updating installed apps is a way to bypass Google security don't forget Android is "open" for hackers to exploit.
 Why? Doesn't Google search work as well as their ads?
New Posts  All Forums: