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Apple product Red leather here to match my iPad and iPhone 5s.   I always buy the product Red, it supports a good cause.
Are you referring to the fact that under the law you are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven to be guilty?
If you got them at a low price, yes as the value is determined by their rarity.My solid gold Rolex isn't worth that much, with the high price of gold as gold watches disappear by being melted down, it will slowly increase in value.
...and no memory card slot.
They were $A40 in Costco with coupon, normal price $A50, other retailers still sell them for $A130-150. I got ten pairs which will last for years. btw an iPhone 6 still fits comfortably in the front pocket.
If that guy really was "doing it for science" he would have used a press so the forces could be measured and replicated with the same conditions applied to the Samsung, which incidentally has a stainless steel frame.
Put it in his 501's.
Same here, 36x32 from Costco, I understand the size in inches better than centimetres, although we've been using the metric system for over forty years. Also 501's are around $80-100 less than our traditional outlets.
 Same here, you'll be pleased to know the iPhone 6 fits very well.
Not in Australia it doesn't the seatbelt ends up buckling on the driver's left hand side. I use a dock in my car, some of the time lapse videos I've captured are pretty cool. The stupid size of these "phablets" from any manufacturer is why I went with the 6, after all who wants to walk into a pole during a call, when your vision is obscured by holding one of these behemoths to the side of your face.
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