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...which "they" spend on buying stuff, and that my friend, keeps the economy ticking over.It's time to take the power from corporations who pay the biggest bribes (lobbying) and return it to the people.E.g. How will the Koch brother's latest windfall affect the average American?
Nice one, two punches, keep keep up the good work.
This calls for a song...
 Nope. If you understood the context of what I was replying to i.e. the "missing" customers whose text messages couldn't get through, then maybe you could comprehend that they don't exist until some sort of contact is made. It was a pretty stupid example, just like the complaint.
Unless you download and convert music from iTunes for free, which has been an option for many years. I wonder why Google weren't included with Pirate Bay, etc?
The nonexistent people who couldn't be proven to exist as there is nothing to show messages weren't received?If these potential customers came into existence by using other methods to make contact then there is still a chance they will provide money making opportunities.
Bullshit, tell your wife to turn off iMessage on her iPhone and HER phone will send YOUR phone SMS.
What if people are sending you messages from iPads or iPod touch's?You cut yourself off from them.I think this is a cellular network issue as I have switched between iOS and other devices numerous times with no issues.The phone network knows which device you are using, isn't it up to them to deliver it appropriately?iMessage is damned convenient if you switch SIMs while travelling, as long as there's a data connection you continue to receive messages to your usual number.
Politics on both sides needs to come back to the people, the taxes WE pay used to benefit US, not the lobbyists with the deepest pockets backed up by biased media with their own selfish agenda.Services like Facebook are important in giving us a voice.The end, that's all I've got to say on the matter.
The 5c is at the level of an iPhone 5 not the 4 which this article is about.Apart from cellular radios giving compatibility to Chinese networks and memory configurations, the 5c and 5 are identical.
New Posts  All Forums: