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It seems like this wise young man is quite the canny investor.
 What I meant was, scanning a card makes no difference to a phisher, i.e. it is not a phisher's dream. You can already use the camera to scan in iTunes vouchers, which is extremely fast and useful. This is an extension of that and if it works just as well, I look forward to it.
No it doesn't, I can get a 4G Huawai handset for $159.
...and this differs from manually typing in the details in what way?
 It already has, you can get LTE handsets under $200. This shows that the most popular high end smartphones have screens the same as or smaller than iPhones.
I've never had an issue with my me.com address. I also changed my iTunes email address, when I deleted my Google account. It was no big deal, just changed the log ins when an error popped up across different devices,
 I wonder how hard it is, i.e. scratchable?
 Like all your Christmas music for example, nothing like a Christmas carol popping up in the middle of May.
 Dre could have stopped like the other two, with enough money to last several lifetimes, but he didn't he went on to other things. Steve Jobs could have retired at 25 with 100 million, he didn't he went on to other things. The hunger, the will to create, to build, to make the world a better place, to have a vision and act on it, that is where the similarity lies.
The 48 free GB I got with Dropbox with an S3 expires soon, when I logged in with my S4 it didn't change, in spite of them offering it with the S4. I'll pay a bit more than I pay now to Apple for 20GB and take the 200, then I'll be able to turn my iCloud backups back on. 25GB just isn't enough for two 64GB iPhones and a 64GB iPad. It's better value than paying Dropbox $120 for 100GB, I'll still have the free 5GB and the extra I got from spamming my friends.
New Posts  All Forums: