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Used to, they started out as good watchmakers then went astray in the cheap Quartz carnage that almost destroyed the Swiss watch industry, the current company is reduced to a shadow of former greatness, trading mainly on the name.See my earlier post about a modified Seiko movement, it is sort of like Apple rebranding a Dell.****NSFW language warning****http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uIgO_f0bcRM
 We already live in this system, "justice" is only available to the wealthy.
$1000? The watch in my picture is $5500 retail. That's just above entry level. They are a completely different market.
Tag got caught out basing their movement on a modified Seiko movement. To many watch aficionados they are a wannabe luxury brand found in great numbers in down market shopping malls. If you want a luxury Swiss watch there are better brands. The point of owning a luxury Swiss watch lies in the craftsmanship and complexity of a well engineered mechanical movement that with care will last for centuries. Like this which is normally hidden away:- iPhone 6 camera > Air...
Marketing.  When you're a fan of something on the basis of it being "open", then you need to paint the other guy as locking you in to a "closed" system even if that isn't really the case, otherwise your belief system falls apart and you are exposed as the snivelling little weakling you really are. I think I'll watch some porn on my iPhone, just because I can.
 They found a 65 year old woman who bought an iPod for her ice skating lessons, in the court she seemed confused with not much idea of what it was all about, although apparently she did learn to skate backwards.
Enjoy your DRM'd Realplayer music then. One of these days I'll get around to cleaning up the tags on the back up copies of purchased songs I downloaded via napster in the nineties under the fair use doctrine we have in this country, early MP3 tags don't work so well on an iPhone 6. Tags look like this Too bad Real's DRM broke iTunes ability to load anything you want.
It seems like whoever made the decision to make the sapphire themselves is to blame, kind of like Ford or Chevrolet executives deciding that they will drive the company's race cars.   Can't they lease these furnaces out to skilled operators?
Apple should ask for costs in this frivolous, time wasting case and leave the confused, last minute plaintiff to return to her ice skating.
No we haven't. We got rid of signature based transactions in August, our terminals still have the magnetic strip reader and we get the odd non-Australian credit card transaction where a signature is still required. I'm on my fourth card for one of my accounts because the chips keep failing, the latest card has a different design, maybe this card will last longer. I've never seen anyone pay with a phone, despite a few of our banks jumping on board with Samsung, Apple Pay...
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