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 When you said you can buy an iPad NOW, which won't run the latest version of iOS. As far as I know the only place to get a first gen iPad is on the second hand market. I bought a brand new iPad 2 last week for some relatives from Fiji, it came with iOS 7 and updated to iOS 7.1. It more than exceeded their needs, now they want two more they are reasonably priced and work a lot better than the cheap Android junk that comprises most of it's marketshare. The thing is they...
 It would fall into the category of "other" where all the growth in Android tablet sales is occurring. How much more of the "other" is junk like this? Going on usage statistics, quite a lot.
 Why I expect they would say that Apple TV is both these things, a combination of Chromecast and Google TV in one device.
 Mirror porn from iPad, iPhone, Mac... ...Apple TV wins.
 It is impossible to use the S5's fingerprint scanner one handed.
 There really is an Indian mafia.
 Yes, they did and the thing that differentiates it from the drop downs Apple first introduced with the Lisa is the presence of persistent icons in the notification bar across the top of the screen to indicate the presence of notifications. This forms part 1 of Google's patent, everything else builds on that. So no, Google can't sue because Apple doesn't infringe. 
I notice Florian Mueller refers to Samsung's documenta as "benchmarking"...   ...don't forget that Samsung cheats on benchmarks too.
 Meanwhile you've just turned your smoke detector off, so you give a little wave to turn it back on and the next thing you know Jersey Shore comes on the TV, rinse, repeat.
 ...and your MacBook...
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