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I agree that it will be the sub $1000 market that will be most affected, predominately the Swiss brands that use off the shelf Swatch movements.   The type of watches you see in shopping malls.   Apple has been wise in it's price point targeting.   The detachable and interchangeable bands are also innovative and provide another revenue stream.   High end watch boutiques, not so much.   btw President Obama wears an American made Jorg Gray watch, featuring a...
I'm sure Apple will take advantage of the Swiss watch model, drop your watch in for service every few years and pocket a a few hundred in fees. One thing they can definitely improve is the turn around time, getting a Swiss watch serviced can take months.
 I would not wear it in the surf, the minimum recommended is 100m due to higher pressures caused by the action of waves.
Charlie Sheen has a very nice collection of vintage Pateks. This picture he posted on Twitter is a $700,000 watch.  On one of his weekends he is rumoured to have lost one worth $150,000.
 Actually there has been a bit of a resurgence in the used watch market, especially among rarer collectable models. It is still more of a hobby than something to invest in hoping for a good return on investment. I don't see why these Apple watches couldn't be updated and rebuilt in future, we'd have to wait for a tear down to see what's inside.
 I'd say that these will be snapped up in China or wherever understated ostentation is admired.
Gold watches are becoming more valuable as their rarity increases due to them being melted down as the price of gold increases.
Here's mine, 1967 Oyster, after spending $A1600 for Rolex to restore it. It depends on how limited, the limited edition is, will it be numbered as part of a series? That will give it some future value. I can see a single Product Red auction version going through the roof, maybe platinum.
The entire Government from top to bottom is held in thrall to corporate lobbying, that's who they govern for, to think otherwise is naive.
Is America a free country or not?   Freedom of speech, freedom to join a union.
New Posts  All Forums: