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 Highly reliable and with care able to last hundreds of years, these watches are designed to become family heirlooms. I've got a 1967 Rolex, picked it up, wound it and it started working after sitting in a box for twenty years. It's all about the craftsmanship that goes into them, in a largely throw away society some people still appreciate things made to last.
 It's already happening, your President wears a watch from this company, it was a gift from some of his bodyguards. 
I'm wearing this, right now:-
Samsung already owns a Swiss watch company.Haas & Cie.http://www.swccorp.en.ecplaza.net/about.asp
 /ahem, fashion statement???
You put a Patek in an article about Tag! Akin to putting a Bentley in an article about Kia. NSFW language warning...
It looks more like a HTC One than anything.
 ...or a pallet of returned ones:- 
 My idea of heaven is an eternal Costco five cheese pizza slice that you just keep eating forever.
 My Galaxy Nexus is less than 5 years old, updates stopped quite some time ago.
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