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That is the best from about 50 photo's, it was taken at full eclipse, to give some idea of how little light there was you can see stars in the picture, most of the rest had double images due to movement of the shutter. I could have cropped for one third rule but wanted an uncomfortable emptiness.
I was messing around with a Note 4 the other day, it has an anodised aluminium frame with, surprise surprise a diamond cut bezel. Of course it's nothing at all like the one Apple introduced with the iPhone 5. Mediocre poets imitate, to quote T S Elliot.
 You left out the third group who pointed out that the quote might not have been used by Picasso at all.
That will be used to buy the assets in a fire sale and set up a new company doing exactly the same thing. We call them Phoenix companies.
Picasso didn't even say it, it was a poet and the gist was building on the works of others that had come before.
Google free and loving it. Pass.
What sort of idiot would want to update Facebook etc while driving? I've been using hands free calls in cars for almost two decades now and keep in car conversations short and to the point. Although in the nineties I used to fill out paperwork while on the phone using the steering wheel as a makeshift desk, usually on long stretches of freeway when traffic was light. One of the most important things while driving is to adapt to the conditions, don't expect to do the...
Unfortunately it seems some clouds with a vaguely reddish tinge may be the most I can get.Update, there are a few breaks slowly moving across the sky, with a bit of luck and patience I may get some shots.
 This time tomorrow night, Australian time I will be mounting my Nex-7 on a tripod and pointing my 300mm zoom at the moon which will be turning blood red due to a full eclipse. Hopefully it won't be cloudy. Sony Nex, Samsung NX... ...they are doing it again.
Never, not once, ever have I seen a comparison of camera phones and cameras where people say...   ..."compared to my Samsung dslr..."   It's always Canon, Nikon and sometimes Sony but NEVER Samsung.   THEY ONLY MAKE SECOND RATE CRAP.
New Posts  All Forums: