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At least there's a cricket channel, so you can watch England lose at another sport besides soccer.
So how about I come steal your TV because at some future point you will throw it away.Under your reasoning that can't be a crime.
 Maybe just disbar some of the juniors, hired as scapegoats.
 The strangest thing about this gator guy, is the litany of links he presents in support of a certain advertising and search company while seeming to have great difficulty in finding anything that backs up anything negative about said advertising and search company.
Maybe if you read all of it, you can find out.
It seems like if you have enough money that you can do anything you want and avoid any legal consequences.
He takes old songsAnd makes them new again
Here in Sydney, where the dams almost ran dry after almost ten years of drought we have the opposite council requirements.The garden and lawn I planted is all drought tolerant mainly Australian native plants, we had to install a rainwater tank which is used for flushing toilets, the washing machine, washing the car and watering the gardens (which I never do anyway).The only thing I do is mow the lawn now and then and cut plants back every couple of years.
"Volunteer" being the operative word.These bands are free to put on their own concerts, with associated costs, whenever they like.
 So TV and radio shows should have to pay bands, TV and movie stars for "performing" when spruiking their goods? Get real, if a band didn't want the exposure that an iTunes music festival provides, there are a thousand more ready to take their place.
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