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How does it go at real time audio processing, you know, doing real work?
 Apart from the 64bit bit that is.
 Bit rough on the Aussie cars there, now if only I could transplant the motor from this into a Mustang when the Falcon dies.  They give those Skylines a bit of what for, too.  
 Do you know Gregory Thomas Ramirez? He didn't want to use his full name... ...doh!
 Tell us about this aluminium band.
Mine worked fine until I put it in a fully enclosed waterproof case, iOS 7.1 came out and that fixed it most of the time.   If I take it out of the case it works all the time.
 No, because he had more class than to publicise his charitable efforts. http://www.apple.com/au/product-red/
 So how does the surface compare to the 64bit desktop class architecture Apple's A7 ARM based CPU brings to the game?
 If Google is not delivering results, perhaps Bing will deliver superior results. Quite a few. It seems Google is being surpassed. It makes me glad I no longer need to rely on their seemingly biased results, sweeping unfavourable stuff under the carpet so to speak.
 Beats the paid comments from Samsung, US overlords, Korean overlords take your pick, somewhere in the middle is the truth.
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