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 I don't know, these work quite well:- 
We have it in Australia, it's not as finely tuned as spotify, it's more for listening to singles which are generally similar, whole albums aren't available.
Spotify have teamed up with Vodafone (in various countries) to offer free premium subscriptions with certain phone plans.   Win/win as it promotes more data usage.   I'm in the middle of a free 6 months and it's not too bad, I don't think it is worth the $A144 per year it costs in Australia, I'll probably go back to the free version then delete it if it's no good.   AC/DC is one of the bands that doesn't exist in Spotify, although I already have all their music in...
Middle income? Like those paid by the government, who inject money into the economy. Your president is doing very well at the moment, in spite of the roadblocks a certain section of your community tries to put in his way. The middle was sliding down for a while.
The more a person is paid the more they can afford to spend and save. Perhaps you can do what we do here, compulsory superannuation where a percentage of a persons wage is put into super. Of course they would have to be paid a decent amount in the first place.
People not being able to afford to buy what you sell, will drive you out of business faster than that. Hey, you can always give people loans that they can't afford to service and onsell them as valuable assets. That worked out well, didn't it.
Simple common sense. The poorer people are, the less they consume. Consumption is what drives the economy, the purchase of goods and services.
Workers have every right to organise and join unions to negotiate conditions and pay with employers.   People being paid more means they can buy more stuff, this boosts the economy.   I don't know why people are so dumb they can't figure this out.
Apple and their "rounded rectangles" all over again.   /s*   * this denotes I am being sarcastic.
 Why don't you support your argument with examples.
New Posts  All Forums: