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Your apologist nonsense does not address why a provider of pirated Apps is sponsoring a jail breaking team.
 Nothing, given that BB has released an App based version for iOS and Android, Windows mobile? Don't know, don't care.
Makes you wonder why a provider of pirated Apps would pay for this, given that the holier than thou Jailbreak crowd always come with the "jailbreaking is not for piracy" justification bullshit.   Hey put your shitty Comic Sans based Hello Kitty themes and crap on as much as you want, then celebrate the fact that it is paid for by the thieves of App store developers hard work, who I guess are paying over hard cash as a charitable exercise..   Just quit with all the...
This is the result of a blind focus on "market share", BB was once a leader, just like Nokia.   Too bad most people are too dumb to realise this, although a blind focus on market share makes for easy pickings for the wolves of Wall St.
 Wouldn't it be up to the place of purchase to handle warranty issues on behalf of Apple or other companies that don't have a presence? In Australia we can perform retail swaps of iPhones in phone stores, some other manufacturers have followed Apple's lead in this, otherwise it's off to a repair centre for assessment and repair. As I stated before Vodafone Australia has offered a two year warranty since 2010. Only Apple and Samsung have their own retail stores and the...
Flourished?Most Android handset makers are running at a loss or barely scraping by.With the exception of Samsung who spend billions on hype, Samsung spend more on advertising than the rest make altogether.
On my early 2013 15" MacBook Pro retina?Not really, or as a matter of fact even on my old Late 2008 13" MacBook, both running 64bit Maverick.Do you think they'll be cracked by 2020?
 W T F ????????????????????????????????
It's not on the Australian site yet, where in Western Sydney it's a lovely 32C (90F) with tomorrow's forecast for a balmy 41C (106F). Chance of a "white Christmas"? An infinitesimally small value above zero. I still like the ad.
 This took researchers over 5 years to break. Were the tools they used today even available back then?
New Posts  All Forums: