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Which it was, in spite of all the negative drivel from those suffering from sour grapes.I don't need some crappy quad core processor overloaded with RAM, requiring a huge battery hiding behind an oversized screen to have one of the most powerful smartphones on Earth, I have an iPhone 5s.
Maybe Icahn should turn his attention to Fox, a nice even split between media and newspapers leaving plenty of assets to sell off, Rupert's getting on in years and there are plenty of opportunities for an activist shareholder to restructure with some juicy profits, once Rupert is out of the way.
Why did you add more blah, blah, blah, when I already had it covered?
Not since 1860 when New Zealand ceded from New South Wales under the treaty of Waitangi.
I just got it, at first it wasn't showing up, double tapping the home button and flicking iTunes off then reopening it, made it appear. No ads and match is a fraction of the cost of spotify.
Then, out of nowhere 64bit, but that doesn't really count because blah, blah, blah!
There are already a whole slew of copies in Google play, I was talking to a work colleague and as Flappy Bird was gone he settled for Flappy Wings, an almost exact replica.Apparently this Dong guy couldn't deal with all the death and suicide threats he was getting via twitter.
They already did, Sherlock and of course they have their unified search patents, which have been successfully used against Google's lesser Android offerings.
 Cook announced share buybacks and dividends, long before Icahn became involved. Normal course of business for Apple, the gnat Icahn is picking the wrong company to play his little games.
Teeny, weeny, less than one percenter Icahn, about as relevant as a mosquito buzzing around.   If the guy had balls he'd throw everything he had into Apple, then borrow as much as he could to buy more.   Bring some serious money.
New Posts  All Forums: