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Apple did nothing wrong, they are innocent and will be exonerated once they are away from the biased bitch of a judge and her money grubbing mate.   The real conspiracy to fix prices happened at Bezo's boathouse on Jan 24 2010.
Knock yourself out!
Well why don't you go lap up zdnet's Galaxy S5 review, where they extoll the boon to enterprise use that Samsung's fingerprint scanner brings......all without having actually touched one.Deny all you want, the world's media has turned into a cesspit of infomercials.
What's the bet that supplies of the gold will be constrained at launch? Just to, you know create some Applesque buzz.
 It's more attempting ingratiation by listing a supposed list of products as a precursor to negative spin. Like I got a Galaxy S4 so I know that Samsung phones are garbage, that's why that lagging piece of junk is propping up a wobbly table. See now I'm credible. /s
 Well you know what they say, "It takes bias to fight bias".
 No, the biggest innovation is that the plastic on the back isn't smooth any more.
 I'll be waiting for the people who blow out their data plans, "...but, but, I was on WiFi!"
 Also 16MP with big fat, light gathering pixels is going to beat 16MP tiny, crammed in pixels. My Sony N7 has 24, totally useless for emailing etc without editing first.
 Welcome to 2010. You been living under a rock or sumthink?
New Posts  All Forums: