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 WSJ <-------- Rupert Murdoch -------> Harper Collins Rupert is probably rubbing his hands together like Montgomery Burns and preparing to unleash the FOX. Murdoch is a powerful friend.
 From a small group of people who had to pay a couple of bucks more for some of the eBooks they wanted to buy. That and Bezo's boathouse. 
 I've seen a few ads for Samsung vacuum cleaners which could be a case of making hay while the sun shines due to Dyson suing them over Samsung's usual method of "innovation" which could bring their vacuum cleaner sales to a grinding halt.
 There are fourteen billion reasons why and that is called Samsung's marketing budget, HTC just can't compete with such overhyped handsets.
 What's the difference between a little bit of dead wood being burnt now and then and that same piece of wood burning later with a lot more like it during a forest fire? It may be different in some countries but here in Australia the ecology revolves around cycles of bush fires, burning a couple of twigs makes a minimal impact although in summer especially in drought periods all fires are usually banned as they can spread and start other fires in our highly flammable forests.
 Actually "the case" as in the ongoing appeals court case which is occurring now in which Federal Circuit Judge Plager was reported to have said repeatedly, that Alsup was confused or misunderstood the law, which negates most of the opinions in your links. Don't bother linking to that Groklaw site, ever since SCO ended when they had some sort of relevance, it descended into a downward spiral of self absorbed, self-righteous circlejerkery. The crap that is posted there...
 So you got any facts to back up your opinions? Perhaps a transcript of the case, showing the parts you claim Mueller misreported. It seems the case will be overturned due to Alsup confusing fair use with copyright validity in his ruling much as Mueller's opinion pointed out months ago
Clones of the lightstrap idea are probably being made right now in China, ready for imminent release on eBay.
 What happened to Motorola? It's good to see you finally accept that Motorola IS Google.
 Wassup? Alsup. Alsup appears to have used the points used in fair use cases (Sony and Sega) to rule on the validity of Oracle's copyright, as was noted by Federal Circuit Judge Plager who was reported to have said repeatedly, that Alsup was confused or misunderstood the law. Google's attorney was asked to stop citing the Sony and Sega fair use cases as they did not relate to the issue at hand, i.e. the validity of copyright. Any issues regarding patents were withdrawn...
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