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I don't know why they are even concerned, after all Android has 80% of the market!   /s   /s   /s
 Anything requiring 64bit.
 Let's just make shit up to suit our arguments. The Android dilemma. The trouble for Apple is, people just lap that shit up.
 You are just making shit up. Like most things to do with Android everything is based on assumptions with no basis in reality.
 Except the majority of Android phones sold have small screens and are cheap, this can easily be seen by the pitiful amounts of money Android vendors make and the absence of high end large screened phones using the web. The vast majority of Android users don't have 5" phones.
 ...maybe something like 64bit?
They are made by ASUS.
So If Apple's share price dropped to zero, they'd just buy it all up, turn private and carry on business as usual, making hundreds of billions of cash dollars selling stuff.Of course that is not likely to happen.
 I want to build a damned forty five foot fence around my block, f*ck the neighbours, f*ck the council. So if not Stockton, which I assume is the closest port OUT OF the bay, then where?
...and? Apple don't need investors money, they have plenty of their own. This more than anything else is what drives Wall St nuts.
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