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 My method of multitasking involves multiple devices, TV screen, MacBook screen, iPad screen, iPhone screen all working at once, all readily available depending on the circumstance and all synced together thanks to the Internet, iCloud and Apple TV. Who wants two things on an iPad screen when I've got an iPhone right next to it?
 The Droid, a copyrighted name used by Verizon to describe their first Android phone, a Motorola accompanied by a one hundred million dollar advertising campaign, which due to the inadequacy of the CDMA network at the time, was incapable of connecting to the Internet to check the only thing remotely close to Apple's visual voicemail which part of Google voice whilst engaging in a voice call. So is that one of the "every Android phone I've ever had" as you claimed or did...
OK just a screenshot of your visual voicemail will do, slap your palm across the screen or whatever you have to do on your piece of crap droid f*ck the world (as was once common on jailhouse tattoos).Droid being early Verizon Android based phones, so you own any or just like the name?If you owned one tell us about the visual voicemail.Now about that flip phone...
That might change in three years, when all we'll have is imports.
 So, ummm, when will Samsung get 64 bit to go with the innovative fingerprint scanner they are set to announce, speaking of mighty copying?
Last car I bought was all researched on the Internet, went to the dealer who had the demonstrator I wanted, the longest part was waiting for the trade in valuation of my old car, paid in full on a card in and out in half an hour, picked the car up three days later.   Saved $14,000 by not messing around with useless time wasting crap.
 You also can't use a 64bit drawing App.
 Sure can, FaceTime audio, since iOS 7.
  Bullshit! Your flip phone didn't have visual voicemail as invented by Apple, so you never had a "list of voicemails".  Visual voicemail, invented by Apple, an iPhone exclusive dependent on carrier support. Your shitty flip phone used the old way, dial into your voicemail, use a series of keypad prompts to navigate and listen to your voicemails held by the carrier on their network equipment. You are a flat out liar. Unbelievably another bullshitter pops out of the woodwork.
New Posts  All Forums: