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Microsoft just don't get it, "it's not an iPad, I don't want it" over a hundred million people and growing. A hundred bucks will get you a keyboard and a Smart Cover for your iPad.
  That's the approach HTC adopted with the One, 4 Megapixels in a larger sensor.   The pixels are like buckets catching water drops, having less large pixels mean there are fewer gaps for the drops to fall between, hence more are captured.   Water drops = photons.
  I didn't bother clicking the links, I just noticed your post contained the word "google" twice with no mention of Motorola...   at   all.
  Those links say Google, I thought they weren't involved with Motorola, that Motorola acts independently.
  Stainless steel.
  I remember Nokia and their fans saying the iPhone was dead because it's 2 megapixel camera was no match for their crop of Carl Zeiss equipped 5 megapixel camera phones.   Of course we now know how well that went.   btw Nokia has had exclusive rights to use the Carl Zeiss name on camera phones for many years now.
  No, they made these:-    
Apple's scheme?Barnes and Noble testified that they were negotiating an agency model with the publishers before Apple even came on the scene, testimony the judge apparently ignored by declaring Apple the "leader".
  SOME eBooks, not ALL eBooks.   The AVERAGE price of ALL eBooks actually fell.
Apple should immediately drop the price of the limited range of iBooks involved in this case in the US to $1.99. Then demand Amazon etc match them as per the DoJ agreements. It would only cost a few Billion and drive sales of iOS devices. Strangle this rotten abuse of justice at the roots.
New Posts  All Forums: