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All Apple needs is a modified Apple TV like box hardwired into the dash along with the manufacturers system of choice and outputting to a touchscreen which along with steering wheel controls acts as the remote.   It could link to an iPhone or iPad via airplay and other phones via bluetooth and utilise their Internet connection.   You could also link it to your homes wifi network for syncing an iTunes library, updates etc and have it connect when in range.   Simple...
You should get a newer car just for the advances in safety features alone.
The ONLY apps Google are interested in removing from their repository are ad blockers which interfere with their only source of revenue.
Well gosh, gee it sounds like the crap Google touts in denial come up with when denying there is an issue.I've said it once, I'll say it again, Google don't give a shit as long as they can sell ads, theirs is a bums on seats game.
Define what you mean by Android's "average user"?Chances are they are using an older version of Android on a cheap, low powered device where things like hardware encryption are left out to cut costs.
I always use the old, my (out of support) device won't connect to my (not out of support) device approach.   (In the voice of Maxwell Smart.)
 So you choose the fingers in the ears, this is not really happening approach. Meanwhile Apple released this a pdf which gets pretty heavily into the cryptography behind things like iMessage, iCloud and Keychain.
 Not people who ARE different to them but people they THINK ARE different to them.
 Not being able to share Apps must cost a lot.
 ...and if you want to use one of the 500 other program repositories for Android? This is when "users trivially elevate programs", mainly because they want free (pirated) stuff, like their friends. I've lost track of the number of people who equate "openness" with the ability to run torrent software on their phone. Google don't give a shit as long as they can serve their ads.
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