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 I got 48 free GB for two years with a Samsung Galaxy SIII, when I got an S4 with the same offer it was not added to or extended, which seems like a bit of a scam. It runs out soon which is when I'll have to cut back I suppose.
 According to this 27% of Chinese smartphone users use phones valued at $US500 or more, Apple has 80% of that market. There are now 700 million smartphone users in China times 27% times 80% equals 151 million iPhone users. Whaddayamean no growth? Most popular App for sub $300 Android phones = "wallpapers".
 That's Google's modus operandi except that Microsoft used to be far better at it, Google just produces a string of failures.
At least it stopped the whiners going on endlessly about how "stale" iOS was and that, my friend was the best effect of all.
Security vs convenience, a quandary, your choice.
Apple are paying the correct amount of tax in Ireland under Irish law.Ireland has the sovereign right to set tax laws as they see fit.So Mr expert in all things Google, how will clamping down on Apple affect Google's bottom line, given that they use exactly the same method to avoid tax?
 In Australia (and a lot of other countries) American businesses want to trample our right to the presumption of innocence, right to a fair trial, requirement to show "just cause" and misinterpretation of "fair use" under OUR copyright laws, they are actively lobbying for this in the "war" against piracy. Unfortunately our Government is quite happy to go along with this as it presents the means to control citizens' use of the Internet, for our "own good" of course.
 Windows Me was criminal, worse even than Vista it was the y2k bug presented as an OS.
Windows Me
Every time I try to use Siri in my car, my wife starts talking......everyfreakingtime!
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