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Does that mean I can shoot Mormon's who come to my door?
Amazon better hope their negotiations don't fall under the delusional Judge Cote's new take on the Sherman Act and mixed up conspiracy theories, but somehow I don't think it's ever going to happen.
Ignore the editorials then.Just another quirk of this rather enjoyable forum, like the strange edits and crashes that occur.
 That link has interesting wording:- no-googles-sundar-pichai-didnt-say-androids-openness-makes-it-less-insecure So he meant more insecure?
 If you want to provide a source for the flaw being used by anyone. ACTIVELY
 NFL must be gay, all the guys hanging all over each other, patting each others butts... ...I guess that's why they threatened to move the 2015 Superbowl. So what suits were filed in Arizona?
 Muslims and Jews here in Australia have no problem with owning restaurants which sell bacon and ham, Hindus own hamburger joints. The dollar is mightier than fairytale books on what to eat.
 What if that business owner made an arbitrary decision, called you gay because maybe he didn't like your clothes or your haircut and kicked you out of their store? What would you do then? Maybe he could hang a picture of a penis behind the counter and watch that your eyes don't linger too long as a test, before booting you out.
 Google love their customers, they make lots of money selling them information on their product users... ...oh, you confused Android users with Google's "customers", a common enough mistake.
 Why? It's good to have some balance after all the crap about Apple patching the "glaring" goto flaw, which was never actively exploited by anyone conducting man in the middle attacks.
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