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 So you got any facts to back up your opinions? Perhaps a transcript of the case, showing the parts you claim Mueller misreported. It seems the case will be overturned due to Alsup confusing fair use with copyright validity in his ruling much as Mueller's opinion pointed out months ago
Clones of the lightstrap idea are probably being made right now in China, ready for imminent release on eBay.
 What happened to Motorola? It's good to see you finally accept that Motorola IS Google.
 Wassup? Alsup. Alsup appears to have used the points used in fair use cases (Sony and Sega) to rule on the validity of Oracle's copyright, as was noted by Federal Circuit Judge Plager who was reported to have said repeatedly, that Alsup was confused or misunderstood the law. Google's attorney was asked to stop citing the Sony and Sega fair use cases as they did not relate to the issue at hand, i.e. the validity of copyright. Any issues regarding patents were withdrawn...
 Patents? What patents? This case revolves around copyright, and the apparent misinterpretation of fair use as a measure of validity by Albright.
This Icahn guy holds barely half a percent, he should be ignored until he puts up a serious stake.
 So why don't you tell us what went on in the courtroom, Mueller reported tweets made by others who were there. Which parts were changed?
 The big win for Oracle would be bringing Dalvik "into the Java fold" by enforcing gpl licensing which would make all the closed parts of android truly open not hidden away by Google's bastardised apache license. Samsung even used an Apple legal team mistake of "releasing some of Android's protected source code" in their current sanctions case over leaking "attorney's eyes only" licensing information to Samsung's executives.
 Mueller reported based on information in tweets from Dan Levine (Reuters) and Scott K. Graham (The Recorder/Law.com) which came from the courtroom, are linked to in his post and seem to be factual. Are they "paid shills" too? Which part is biased, perhaps you can fill us in on what "really" happened there today?
Depends what state you are in NSW and QLD call rugby league football.
New Posts  All Forums: