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  ...or 70% lower, beating Amazon at their own game.   Ask the publishers how much they currently make from eBooks and pay them more upfront in cash for exclusive rights to everything.   It would take only a small amount of Apple's cash reserves and destroy the Kindle within a couple of years.   What's the DoJ and the moronic judge they have in their pocket going to do?   Demand Apple increase eBook prices?
  So why don't you write an eBook, upload it to a server...   ...then sit back and wait for the money to roll in.   Not going to happen unless a lot of people know:-   i) it's there to be downloaded,   ii) it's worthwhile downloading and paying for and   iii) there is an easy way to pay.   Which all add to the true cost.
  So where are the criminal charges?   Let's see these clowns bring on the higher burden of proof a criminal trial requires.
Real work.
Obviously, the obviousness of a "rounded rectangle" would not require such a reexamination.It's obvious that Samsung's continuous "rounded rectangle" claims are bullsh*t.It's as obvious as the nose on your face.
I'm glad I use iTunes match, as I will miss out on all these ads.
  ...not only Apple, Apple was the first one to stand up to Samsung's blatant copying:-    
32bit Geekbench 3, if you want 64bit you have to pay.
So how many 70c Apps would you have to sell to cover the cost of hosting and selling 70c Apps? Apple should be awarded costs, which may make the losing party rethink their resubmission.
  It allows Samsung to sell in Brazil, who have strict rules regarding imports.
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