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 What we know for certain is the 5C comfortably outsold all Samsung's high end smartphones last quarter.
 Apple sold 51 million iPhones, Samsung "shipped" 86 million "smartphones" but only nine million were Galaxy S4's. The market has spoken, iPhone and smaller sized screens dominate sales. Enough with the "big screen" crap already.
 So the 5C easily outsold the nine million Galaxy S4's which Samsung reported as sold last quarter and pretty much every other smartphone except for the 5S. What "fail"?
So if Samsung sold so many handsets, where is the money?   Soft sales of their high end LARGE SCREEN phones easily outsold by 51 million iPhones indicate that screen size is irrelevant, the most popular highest selling phones have "small" screens.   Of 86 million phones, Samsung reported 9 million were Galaxy S4's, they didn't even report Note 3 sales as they were probably less, the majority of Samsung's sales were low powered tiny handsets with low resolution screens...
Passcode?I use a full strength password complete with capitals, symbols and numbers, which touch ID makes easy.Before I used nothing.
Well that's what you get for listening to Wall St, Jobs was right, ignore them they know jack shit about running a business like Apple. Need a cheaper iPhone, my arse.
 Apparently the NSA is using data from Apps, by intercepting advertising network and Google maps information in transit. According to The Verge
 You realise it's still under appeal, apparently Alsup confused "fair use" with "blatant rip off" when making his copyright ruling, as you will get to see when Google get their comeuppance.
 ...and what happened to Nokia? Massive marketshare of cheap sh*t = sweet f*ck all to anyone except Wall St spivs. This is a show for the courts, a presentation of how reasonable both companies are and how bad the companies that litigate to protect their IP are in comparison.
 Like the breakdowns by region in Apple's quarterly reports which already exist.
New Posts  All Forums: