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 No, it said it was a HTC, probably the Diamond, trouble is Apple introduced the first MULTItouch screen phone.
 Of course that stupid bitch will write a lot of bullshit to justify her shitty behaviour, 64 pages of protecting one's arse. She used to work with Bromwich and has known him for years.
 The S4 didn't lead the way in screen size it was several generations in. Is the S4 active also smaller?
 From your link:- "Although trade ebooks were only $100 million or so at that time,.." So the entire eBook market was worth $100 million, of that only a certain percentage were "best sellers" and based on the price of those "best sellers" only anything above $9.99 was apparently "ripped off" from consumers. Of that Apple made 30%. How the f*ck can a civil suit by 33 states seek a cool $Billion in damages?
 Yes it is, Android and the beefed up processors and excessive RAM required to make that sluggish OS function with a halfway acceptable level of lag, required larger batteries to get through a day. Apple led the way on thinness, the only way to keep up was to extend the other two dimensions. Increased bezel size was not really an option, ergo larger screens were the incremental result.
 The ones you mentioned got thinner at the expense of size, they also got larger to the point of becoming unwieldy for one handed use. The ignorant continue to press this as an indispensable innovation.
 Apple also makes the first and only 64bit phone.
 Really? eBooks cost less once Apple entered the market and made it more competitive, don't you mean Amazon's more expensive books?  Source. This kangaroo court is as bogus as your posts.
It'd be good if it could integrate with Touch ID, if the App that opened the lock could accept it.
"Boy, have we patented it." S Jobs "If we don't copy it, boy are we screwed" Google. ...and it came to pass that they did, using bullshit "open" marketing spin to justify their wholesale theft of Apple, Oracle and Microsoft's IP.
New Posts  All Forums: