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 Three wheelers are great.  I live in a tiny place in the middle of nowhere and see them all the time.  
 So, if in years past when apple was ranking highly, what would have been your feedback to somebody posting your commentary back at you?
 Overall tablet ranking score was based upon 1000 point scale.   How many points does your list have? They also do not seem to explicitly state whether the overall score is the weighted average of 5 sub-scores, or an additional factor measured within their survey.  Ie, people answered six questions (performance, ease, styling, features, price and overall satisfaction)
 well... it was never ever going to be cheap. Apple wants you to spend more, Apple needs people to purchase higher value products.With the change from 3gs to 4, to get the latest and greatest, people had to buy the 4, it was a real visually and performance difference.With the change from 4to 4s, there was no real difference, so people on a budget got the 4 with no visual difference to let anyone else know. Its a compromise on performance, but not looks. Apple noticed...
I find the power usage of my 4S to be all over the place. the other night I went to bed (around 11ish) at 75% so I didn't bother plugging it in. The alarm didn't go off at 6.30 as it was dead. I have turned off everything and killed it between 8am and 2pm, using gps and touristing can be a hog. Even tho some love to say apps dont consume power in the background, one of the most consistent powerhogs is iBooks. if I leave it in the background, I pretty much guarantee...
  Nice.  I turned Siri off as it was impossible for it to even compose a simple sentance from my voice.  Repeating the same command multiple times reduces its appeal.
  Are they holding it wrong?
    Could you please explain where I ignore their comments?   Was it where I said "I never get" or maybe where I said "My "       Is posting my experiences with Apple devices only allowed if its highlighting the stunningly amazing ability of it?
  Why not write an article explaining where he is wrong.  I am sure he would be interested in some new information.
  Just providing some claficiation for some of the claims made on this forum.  Can you describe the BS the edd is spinning?  you know, clarify the exact components that you beleive are not truth.     Why must you defend everything about apple, even when the comment is not an attack but a statement about my experinece with multiple apple products?
New Posts  All Forums: