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  You are lucky.  My macbook (white unibody), iphone4s (and 4) ipad (2), have never seen to run as well as even anandtech tests, or apples claims.  My wifes phone nad ipad are pretty similar.  The ipad mini seems ok, the kids ipod touches get charged at least once a day, usually more.  Everything was worse on ios6 or 6.01.  Cant say that 6.1 is any better, havent paid any attention.  My phone has been off the charger for 9hours and is sitting at 58% with little use.  My...
  I never get apples advertised life out of any of my apple devices.  Nor any of hte non-apple devices.  Everything is taken with a huge grain o salt.
1) irrelevant 2) nss 3) nss
Can we go back to all those posts commenting that apple makes no money on iTunes, as its just "covering its overheads"
  Awesome.  Why should I, as a shareholder of neither company, care?   Apples next advert. The new iPhone.  Now with more profit.
The main issue with an AppleTV is its a US'centric product. Not apples largest market.
the EU warranties item needs to be pushed. Other countries have the same type of requirements. NZ is potentially even longer, depending on how you take the vaguely worded consumer law, but apple still ignores it with their 1year rubbish. Unfortunately a lot of companies flout that law, and there appears to be little desire to take legal action on the companies.
  Why would you have your arm outstretched in front of you for an extended period of time?  Or do you have some strange idea that you would spend all of your time inputting through the screen?   Never mind a laptops screen is never far out of hand to start with.  
Interesting that they only seemed to ask about cannibalization of the ipad4.  I have brought two ipad minis, one instead of ipod touch and the other instead of ipad 4. Both are cannibalization - but the actual impact on Apple depends on if I improved their profit margin, or reduced it.
New Posts  All Forums: