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  if the ipad is classified as a computer, so should hte ipod touch and iphone.  Screen size is not the decider of 'a computer' or not.
I have started to see Macs in a number of offices, and hotels.   Most of them are running a form of Windows, often XP.
  How do I fix Mountain Lions long boot times?
  I run a 2.4ghz core2duo.  When running off 2gb it lagged, even doing simple tasks.  Struggled switching between tasks, without constant loading.  Itunes was a pig, even with a modest library.  I also have a netbook running a 1,6ghz single core atom, 2gb of memory, running windows 7, and it opened software quicker than my macbook - absolutely frustrating.    Upgrading to Mountain Lion didnt help.   8gb did the trick.
  No.  Dont do 2gb.  Just dont.   4gb is good, 8gb is much better..
Wow, cutting edge information
  Most people dont seem to understand what gross margin is, let alone cost of goods, and the other associated costs.
    So why not provide a 1w charger, as most people probably leave their charger plugged in all the time, why make it bigger than it needs to be?   The main issue with charger size is the slow speed of recharging.  My ipad 10w charger, which is identical size to the 5w iphone charger, is far superior.  Using a 10w charger on the ipad3/4 is comical.  The ipad3/4 has a battery that contains more energy than the 11" Macbook Air (42.5 vs 35), but a charger that provides far...
  I was just comparing ipad2 to mini... its much better, but no retina.
One thing i noticed with mine. it only comes with a 5w charger. Apple should ditch that, 10W or above, all around.
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