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    they did pretty well arriving late to search
  Not Samsung screens.  Pentile screens, no matter who manufacturers them.
The mini is nice.  It doesnt feel as 'solid' as the ipad2/3/4 - these feel 'dense', heavy, solid.  The mini feels so light, its possibly as light as they can go without it feeling hollow/cheap.  The shiny back does not feel as good as the back of the larger ones.  Screen is nice.  The verge comemtns about the software to prevent accidental touching, and I see what they mean, some touches just dont work.     The bonded screen is nicer than the ipad2, and the buttons...
  Better than ipad2, not as good as 3/4   My mini goes to my boy.  I would prefer it over my ipad2.  I have never been impressed *enough* with the retina screen to upgrade.  Its great on the iphone, not overly concerned on the ipad.
It sure looks pretty sitting on my bench syncing apps across...  it feels very light and no where near as 'solid' feeling as my old ipad2..  but tiny.  Jealous of my little one, who is it for.
  Runs cooler is a hard one for most of these early reviews to perform, but we already knew it didnt weigh any less.  At least Engadget, and I think The Verge performed battery testing, and showed a nice improvement.
    guess the offical timing has noiw apperaed on their site... rahter than relying on allthingsd
as Siri can not only perform searches, but can control systems functions like composing messages, setting alarms, and other low-level operations.... I got a iPhone4s earlier this year. Interested in Siri, but ultimately turned it off within a week or so. I managed to get it to set a reminder, once. Most of the remainder I spend my time repeating the same words over and over and over... The google option on youtube/chrome apps seems to work ok for my accent, it will...
Its good that they get it right.  But don't advertise something if you are not 100% sure that you can achieve it.  Overpromise and underdeliver is microsoft territory.      That, and it would be nice to see the compatabilities for this software.  OSX versions and Windows Versions required for installation.
  apple has iphone 4 apple has iphone 4s apple has iphone 5   one of those is the flagship.  Do you know which one?
New Posts  All Forums: