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  I understand the size thing...   but if it comes with the 8gb, that cost, no real advancement in something... its just eh...   but then, the iphone 6th gen is called the iphone 5 so....
So, lets see   1) suggested price quite expensive 2) ibooks which mean little to most of the world (as the bookstore is full of old, out of copyright, books       ther has to be something else
  http://www.microsoft.com/Surface/en-US/surface-with-windows-rt/help-me-choose   They have talked about teh RT one for awhile now.
refute surface is better by using something that isnt the surface... Sure its similar, but he couldnt wait until release to thrash it, or was he advertising?
  2gb my iphone has ,more space than that taken up, let alone a ipad3
  Since when has a little girl in a school uniform ever been classified as "scary" to anyone?  well other than in a zombie movie.
  he was trying to make a like for like comparison WInRTinc Office = 14gb iOS + iWorks software = ?? gb   both are taking space from their advertised capacities, 32gb is never, ever, 32gb of user accessible space.
  but his comment was false in the face of people using several tens of millions of 3.5" devices quite happily.  The size of the device is irrelevant compared to how the realestate is used.
  It appears to have been directed by the guy behind the new GI Joe and some dance movie.
   I read through your comment and also thought WTF. Underage?  underage for what?  being in school?  being in an advert? breakdancing? 
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