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On the iOS upgrade, you usually have to reset all of the cellular network settings (internet, mms and tethering), which I did with the upgrade to ios6.  However, every now and again, it forgets most of these settings.  typically both internet and tethering are lost, but only some of the mms settings. http://blog.forret.com/2012/10/ios6-losing-its-3g-cellular-data-settings-fix-for-belgium/   Seems to be happening other places in the world.  Has anyone else got...
  I know how many apps will fit onto the old 8gb 4/5th gen ipod touch, and it was nearly useless - assuming the larger screen, and compatability with the ipad apps, which tend to be larger than the ipod's.  Its a recipie for bad press.
  more laughed out of the room becuase you can only install one app, and you run out of space.
When can i actually buy it... oh 'later this month'. over a month after public release, with no real indication of availability.
What is this, an android/WP release?     Its closing on a month from the release event, and we have 'rumors' and stuff about availability.   Just hurry up and take my money.
look,slack workers who cannot meet specific quality control should all be fired, then hire more, and more and more until you can find somebody who can actually do the job correctly.
    I believe so.  He was the guy who said he helped turn the jury around by teaching them about prior art.  It was a rather odd commentary. 
  You mean a website that is hosting copies of the official court documents?   Yes, obviously for some challanged people, the official court documents are utterly irrelevant.  .   Well done on blocking me, must be easier than using some grey matter.
  you mean when somebody fails to answer the questions from the judge correctly? If so, then its entirely within the legal right of samsung to use this to their advantage.  Apple could have also gone through the entire background of this jury, and noticed that inclusion of this juror could ultimately be an issue for the case.  IF the judge agrees with Samsung, then all apple has achieved is an expensive lawsuit with no outcome.
  Why? Because I said that this was coming?  Who would have thought a business would be defending themselves against paying out a billion, using whatever methods they could, Including the foreman's inappropriate media commentary.     Wow so shocking.  I must be an android supporter. 
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