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If you want to apply that argument to netbooks, then its equally applicable to all notebooks being gutless pos compared to desktops, perhaps iMacs are not real computers compared to a decent quality non-notebook componented box? yadayad
Lets see, lets see... with my ipod touch can i; touch type? load photoshop? what about play flash online? what about load and edit full powerpoint, word, excel, export to pdf? what about access the internet while only having wired access? What about plugging a USB into it to play a video file with encoded via xvid? plug into an external monitor and keyboard to enable seamless experience? what about loading an iPod classic with 80gb of files? (oh wait, you think a netbook...
Now separate the issue of small player attempting to compete with large player in the same market, from the issue of margins possible for netbooks. Economies of scale are fun.when did baron make PC's Ohhhh, media... they always provide the best evidenceFuinally youre cooking with gas. Intel misestimates the market trends and sticks their own foot up their butt. Oh, so this is your strawman, sorry. In other words, you have decided that a netbook is not a real PC and...
do you have evidence about the profit margins of netbooks, or is that your own personal strawman?
how can everyones share of the market come down?
can you explain how a netbook is not a fully functional personal computer?
I would say that the netbooks fit into normal PCs rather than in a segment with ipod touch. Sure my ipod touch is a fantastic thing and I would not want to give it up for anything, but it can in no way shape or form even come close to the useability of the netbooks. The touch falls into a completely different segment.
what percentage of thier income is from ipods, or macs or iphones? perferably with something a tad more than just a claim with no substantiation
So MS is just like apple?
So, let me see, you are saying that the reason apple has billions in the bank is solely because they do not allow OSX on other computers and tehir margin on theri computers. So the ipods and iphone etc have made apple no bank at all?
New Posts  All Forums: