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perhaps Apple will take the minimalist approach and create an iPhone shuffle, with one controler on the end of the earpods.
Where I am, I barely ever see any adverts for PC's. Occasionally a TV advert for Dell, and if I look in the PC magazines I see a whole bunch. the vast majority of the media advertising around computers are Apples, especially their current push over their green notebooks. COnstant, heavy tv adverting and in print advertising. thats without even touching on the constant iPod touch adverts. If poor innovation leads to heavy advertising, where does this leave Apple?
Well, the issue is that its not a commercial against Macs per se. its a commercial that the macs are sexy and cool, but if you have a set bunch of requirements (however worthless they are) or a specific budget, then apple does not provide a lot of choice. With "PC's" you can get it the way you want, they are offering choice.
double post
in the past year or so i have gone through about 4 sets of headphones, not through snagging, but the wires die routinely when in the gym, plus the origonal apple set managed to pull the speaker directly out and left it in my ear. All up, the headphones cost me less than one set of the apple headphones with a controller. Sure, you can get a lovely new iPod and keep purchasing overpriced headphones consistently, but the only person that will help is Apples bank manager...
So she struggled to find a good sized set of buttons attached to herself bouncing up and down while she runs, but manages to find a small button (well smaller than my finger) on a wire bouncing up and down while she runs?
My God, with a rebuttal like that and al,l of the proof you've given to back you up, you must be right. yawn I guess all of the evidence of people saying "apple is bmw" is a magical pile of evidence? at least some people had the intellegence to liken apple to Lexus to PC's toyota which still is not perfect. all in all, same old tired worthless analogy. But seeing as you provided all of that great proof, it must be good.
Obliterated everything, except the car analogy is old, tired and utterly false.
have you actually ever done any exercise, or just making stuff up?
perhaps dell saw they could be readily accepted, not because of the air, but because of that horrible nascent market full of netbooks? That Dell itself is involved in? then using style as a way of gouging customers out of as much margin as possible
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